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One Willow Spring homicide victim identified

Posted June 27, 2011

— Wake County authorities on Monday identified one of two men found dead Friday in a Willow Spring home.

Roger Trujillo Perez, 30, of 2832 N.C. Highway 42, and another man, who hasn't yet been identified, were found shot to death inside Perez' home early Friday.

Investigators with the Wake County Sheriff's Office continue to follow leads in the case, and they said they believe the shootings weren't random acts of violence.

Property records list the homeowner as Judith Dickens, who has a Rockville, Md., address.

Another man who lived in the home, Miguel Vasquez, 63, has been charged with possession with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver marijuana, authorities said.


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  • wwwsoniar Jun 29, 2011

    Heart broken---i found out on monday over a phone call and could not believe it so i had to go and try to identify if in fact one of the victims was my mothers bf.....very sad bc i was praying the whole tiime for him to be safe ;( he is one of the victims which is heart breaking!!

    --police need to bring closure to the family and friends!!! but they are not doing it so far ;( and its more sad to see how no1 has been charged for the murders!!! why is it police are so harsh and cruel and quick to charge sometimes inocent ppl wiith crimes they havent comiited??...but yet when it comes for them to find REAL criminals they are not at all quick in doing so??!! BRING CLOSURE TO FAMILY & FRIENDS SOON PLEASE!! ;(

    --&& for ALL of YOU FOLISH and IGNORANT and racist ppl seriously have some respect!!! and dont judge ppl that you have NO clue how they carried themselves and if they were doing wrong there is only 1 god to dudge them...so with that said plese stop all ur foolish ignorant comnts...!

  • mreyez22 Jun 28, 2011

    This is his widow , and yes his name was Roger , and in his memory i would please ask all of you people that are making very racist comments , to stop and have a little respect in his memory , and as for the man that was arrested he is a US Citizen therefore he cant be deported , Only God Can Judge Roger Now , He in gods hands now , just because he was not legally in this country doesnt mean he cant be respect as one so i ask you again to please stop your racist comments about him and the other two men , he was a great man and husband sadly he was younq , i keep him in my heart always and forever and i would appreciate if all of you people would please have a little respect that now he is dead . May He Be In Gods Hands Now , And In All Of Your Prayers , Thank You .

  • SARCASTICLES Jun 28, 2011

    Kind words won't change the reality that this state is a destination for organized crime from south of the border. Don't mistake disgust with lack of compassion, or indifference to the value of human life. We have no Border Patrol, law enforcement has it's hands tied, and a discussion of this very real problem is usually met with cries of bigotry and racism. If any would doubt these claims are valid, move out here where law enforcement isn't as visible as it is in larger towns and cities. The less-densely populated areas are overrun with this type of activity, which is commonly overlooked by most people because on the surface, it looks like the guy next door just gets up and goes to work like everybody else....until something like this happens. Criminals you don't know or associate with don't come by your house and shoot you for no reason. Most folks around here don't have 15-passenger vans drive up in their yard at 3:00 am to drop off a load of new "immigrants" either. ;)

  • ldestefano63 Jun 28, 2011

    I might guess that maybe the guy living there and growing and selling pot has somethingto do with it - DUH !!!

  • LuvMyLife Jun 28, 2011

    I truly hope that if god forbid this happened to any of us or a family member, that people would say kinder words than the one's you don't seem to mind sharing. I guess we really are so de-sensitized that we can't fathom anymore that a human being was killed. All we ever seem to worry about is their legal status, financial status or color. Truly, God help us!!!

  • Stringbean Jun 28, 2011

    " Does this happen everywhere around here? "...... Well lets just say this happens all the time where they are from.

  • SARCASTICLES Jun 28, 2011

    How strange....this was not a random act of violence, so why would somebody stop by and murder two people? Does this happen everywhere around here? Reminds me of the guy up the street that was shot by "a person he didn't know"....he claims his attacker just drove up into his yard, knocked on his door, and shot him. For no apparent reason. It had absolutely NOTHING to do with organized crime. Nada. Zilch. Zero. The deputies believed the story. Never mind the fact that this former shooting victim is currently in prison for dealing in controlled substances, it was only a coincidence. Folks just randomly stop by for a shooting party from time to time. Our culture is so violent. America is such a dangerous place. ;)

  • Cotton333 Jun 28, 2011

    Just chekkin out the scenery: probably because your comment is incredibly ignorant.

  • RomneyRyan2012 Jun 27, 2011

    hmmm...censors didn't like my comment. I asked if the homeowner could bae charged with something since she obviously didn't do a thorough background check or ignored the fact they were (probably) illegal and allowed them to rent anyway. What's wrong with that? These moderators should be censored.............

  • gavilanylaura Jun 27, 2011

    He is actually a friend of mine and that is his real name. Just because he is Hispanic doesn't mean that can not be his real name.