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One person shot at Falls Lake

Posted August 23, 2011

— One person was shot on a boat ramp at Falls Lake in Wake County Monday, according to the Wake County Sheriff's Office.

Spokeswoman Phyllis Stephens said the victim was found on a boat ramp near Old Weaver Trail and Cheek Road around 10:30 p.m.

Authorities did not disclose the victim's identity or condition or say if any arrests had been made.


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  • NHFD 4030 Aug 24, 2011

    The sad part is, most of these replying are adults....

    I can assure everyone that has come to an assumption here that your comments are ridiculous in here, and what is assumed is nowhere close to the truth. Not even sure if the true details of this story will surface, but I hope not so the family can move on. Regardless, like every other story that comments are allowed on.....WRAL will allow a bunch of idiotic comments.

  • dogsrule12cheek Aug 24, 2011

    "Well I believe it's a felony to possess a firearm on state park property."

    Does it really matter if you are harming yourself i dont think you would care about the laws then.

  • dogsrule12cheek Aug 24, 2011

    """buford""" Yes she did pass away and thank you for your concern, God Bless there are nice people still out there.

    Thank you

    Friend of mine her name will be listed later, God Bless her and her Son and Family. Love Cathy -dogsrule12cheek

    It doesn't say if she died, but your post sounds like she did...if so, sorry for your loss...

  • geosol Aug 23, 2011

    See? If only more people had more guns, then this kind of thing would just magically stop happening, right wingers?

  • whoami Aug 23, 2011

    My God people....does anyone EVER wait for the details to be posted before they go off half-loaded jumping to conclusions about something they know NOTHING about? The family must be going through hell, and all the pot bangers and gun toters and gun haters are sniping for their own personal agendas....which I am sure makes it even harder for the family. Please have an OUNCE of consideration for others and stop looking for a soapbox to jump on. Let a family grieve without you turning this into something it isn't, please.

  • davidgnews Aug 23, 2011

    "Too few police, too many criminals."

    This is only one kind of many types of flawed logic that further empowers the law enforcement industry's corruption.

    While I agree there are too many criminals, 500 more 'cops on the street' would not have been there any sooner than the ones that did show up. IOW, they're seldom to make a preemptive strike in a situation like this one, unless they happen to be patrolling there.

    If you could step back a few feet and think about how much money (tax and otherwise) is being spent for any number of them 'not to somewhere' at that particular time, you might have a different opinion.

  • Whatthehey Aug 23, 2011

    Grimreaper, are you sure about that? Won't that change apply only to NATIONAL parks? I believe this is a federal ruling for national parks and should not to be confused with state parks, state forests and state recreational properties, such as game lands. According to NCWR, loaded firearms are prohibited at the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission’s public access areas (boat ramps) and public fishing areas. This includes handguns, regardless of a concealed carry permit. Anyway, I'll bet Ax Man is right, and that the victim knew the perp.

  • tjohnson1467 Aug 23, 2011

    "It's a shame that people have to carry these type of weapons around and take another one's life. If everyone would put the darn guns down and learn morales and respect for others"


  • AX MAN Aug 23, 2011

    I'll bet that the shooter is from.....DURHAM !!!!!!

  • grimreaper Aug 23, 2011

    "Well I believe it's a felony to possess a firearm on state park property."

    Criminals and the criminally intent do not care about laws...only law abiding citizens even think about what they are doing and the repercussions...more laws are just more worthless after that fact gibberish to criminals and only provide them a measure of what they did...to the victim they are worthless.