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One killed in wreck involving Moore school bus

Posted January 6, 2011
Updated January 7, 2011

— One person was killed in a wreck involving a school bus in front of High Falls Elementary School on Thursday afternoon, the state Highway patrol said. 

The bus was returning to the school, located on NC Highway 22, after dropping off children. The bus hit a Nissan pickup truck when it was turning into the entrance of the school.

A passenger in the pickup, Danny Ray Greene, 31, of Star, was killed, authorities said. His brother, Donald Lee Greene, 39, also of Star, was driving the pickup was injured.

Donald Greene was airlifted to UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, where he was listed in critical condition.

The school bus driver, David Wayne Shelton, 39, of Robbins, treated at FirstHealth Moore Regional Hospital and released.

Troopers said charges are pending in the wreck.


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  • sniperdiver Jan 7, 2011

    Now now now ! People of Golo, if you take thes people of Golo's First Amendment right to put their two cents in, then there would be no blogs to read. People blaming the bus driver, people blaming the truck driver, bla, bla, bla. Just read the article and come to a conclusion. However, always remember its the folks that come to conclusions, without facts that are removed from jury trials and usually have a hard row to hoe in life. Well thats my 2 cents, like it or not, its my right.

  • thinkbeforeyouspeak2 Jan 7, 2011

    Amen Chyrie,
    No one KNOWS except those who KNOW exactly how it happened. Excessive speed was in play and a ball game was about to be underway. When ball games and events happen at this school, cars are parked literally EVERYWHERE: on the side of the highway, in the grass, and along the curve of the main drive. This bus driver was carefully pulling back into an OVERCROWED parking area trying NOT to hit vehicles when he got hit himself. It is said that the truck was driven too fastly by a a man trying to get his brother to the hospital who was having chest pains. It is tragic that a family lost a loved one, but the bus driver is not at fault. He didn't turn in front of the truck. The truck drove into the bus because of excessive speed.

    Prayers to all families involved. Lots of lives were wrecked yesterday not just a couple.

  • chyriemoore Jan 7, 2011

    To WRAL, the driver of the truck was Donnie Greene, 39, He was the one airlifted to UNC Medical Center. His brother, Danny Ray Greene, 31 was the passenger and was killed. I live very near the school. There was a ballgame scheduled to begin @ 4:00 and the accident was right @ the door of the gym. Children and parents were going into the gym and witnessed this. Witnesses say speed was a factor. This is a very dangerous stretch of highway with limited visibility on both side of the school. Pkease don't fault anyone until the investigation is over. Pray for those involved and the children who witnessed this tragedy.

  • carol671usx Jan 7, 2011

    I get so tired of people saying things about a school bus driver when there is and accident on the bus. Things happen even in your personal vehicles. The bus driver has to drive get these kids home and take care of them while he /she is driving You have the teacher at school that has 18 to 26 kids with and aid most of the time and the kids are in class room she is not driving. But I pray for all that was involved in this wreak it looks bad. So sorry that a person lost their life. But people need to think about what these bus drivers encounter everyday and the responsibly they have.

  • wakeconative4ever Jan 7, 2011

    Praying for all involved. Such a sad thing, no matter who was at fault.

  • meg2085 Jan 7, 2011

    I am reading all of these comments about whose fault it was and all of that. Lets remember at the end of the day two things...

    1. We do not have all of the details and "logical reasoning" is not in your power or anyone elses except who was involved to figure those out.

    2. We are dealing with real people with real emotions who are really hurting right now. Don't simplify this to something to argue about simply because you do not know the faces. I know them and they are hurting. Please be sensitive on here because they will see this.

    Lets be a society that does not always have to turn something into our own personal gain and entertainment. This story is not something to lessen. It is hard. It is painful. Lets be respectful to those involved and lift them up in our prayers.

  • djcnty8 Jan 7, 2011

    Nice to be critical of the bus driver. Wait until the investigation is complete. I have family that live near the school and have been told that the driver of the pickup truck was "flying" which tells me that he is more to blame for the death of his passenger and NOT the bus driver.

  • slideworks Jan 7, 2011

    "my problem with WRAL is the headline that alarms all parents...for it could mean a student was killed.Motorist killed in collision with School Bus would have been a better headline"

    If they had worded it like you suggest, it would not be as sensational and not as many people would read the story.

  • djofraleigh Jan 7, 2011

    my problem with WRAL is the headline that alarms all parents...for it could mean a student was killed.

    Motorist killed in collision with School Bus

    would have been a better headline

  • djofraleigh Jan 7, 2011

    Deductive reasoning makes the reasonable conclusion in this matter. The bus was "turning left," across incoming traffic, into the path of the truck."

    IF the truck wasn't speeding. Wonder if hte passenger had on seat belts...the cab looks intact, but hte windshield is knocked outward. bad accident.