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One killed in Raleigh wreck

Posted January 29, 2015

— One person was killed Thursday afternoon in a three vehicle collision at the intersection of Six Forks Road and Anderson Drive.

A Ford pickup truck driven by Toryally Paktiawal, 43, was travelling south on Six Forks Road and an International bucket truck driven by Phillip Travis Smith 26, was making a left onto Anderson Drive when both vehicles collided, Raleigh police said.

The impact caused the Ford to collide with a Jeep Cherokee driven by John Allen Remling, 77, and occupied by Jane Cook Remling, 78. The Jeep was stopped on Anderson Drive at the intersection, police said.

Paktiawal was pronounced dead at the scene. Smith was transported to Rex Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The Remlings were not injured.

An investigation into the wreck is ongoing.


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  • sinenomine Jan 30, 2015

    I am gathering, HANDLE WITH CARE, that you routinely make the left from Six Forks Road traveling north onto Anderson Drive. I very rarely make this maneuver - maybe once or twice a year - and do not feel qualified to comment on the effects of recent changes to the intersection in that regard. I yield to your expertise.

    One thing I think everyone would agree on - it's a dangerous intersection in the best of times. I will never navigate it again without thinking of that horrible accident yesterday.

  • Handle With Care Jan 30, 2015

    Sinenomine, What's funny, but not really, is that when you are taking a right on Six Forks off of Anderson as you said you do, that was the only portion of the design that was not improved. Argh! I'm glad that you like the improvement for the most part. Taking away the easy access merge lane to Anderson coming south off Six Forks, forces the folks coming north on Six Forks turning left, to have to wait for a turn lane, that in years past they did not have to wait for. This intersection is less user friendly to me than it was previously. I thought it was a poor design from the get go and that clearly the person that's responsible for it's design does not use it everyday or if they do they have never tried to turn left onto Six Forks at 7:40am. I mean turning left there anytime of day is a five minute wait, except on rare evening occasions it changes quickly. In the am you can multiply that wait by three light cycles. I find if I leave earlier, I'm better off. :)

  • sinenomine Jan 30, 2015

    HANDLE WITH CARE, I use that intersection regularly as well though in almost all instances I am going either north or south on Six Forks and, in your terms, "just passing through". I very rarely approach the intersection from Anderson Drive.

    In my opinion, using the intersection as I do, it was greatly improved by the recent changes.

    The biggest problem I have with that intersection occurs the rare times when I approach from Anderson to turn south onto Six Forks. It is extremely awkward for me to have to turn around in the seat to peer over one's shoulder to see if there is any oncoming traffic.

  • Handle With Care Jan 30, 2015

    When they first started doing construction at this intersection, my first thoughts were "yay they are finally making two turn lanes onto Six Forks" from Anderson> I was pleased that they were doing something right because I've spent plenty of time waiting for that painfully long light to change only to have to wait a few more cycles. They did not make it two left turn lanes. They eliminated the easy access lane to Anderson coming south and made the left turn onto Anderson coming north awkward. This project was of no benefit for me, someone who lives less than an eighth of a mile from it. It could not possibly benefit anyone just passing through. I would like to commend the RPD for keeping traffic moving smoothly during this time yesterday. I was (yes for once) impressed with how they handled this situation. I knew when I passed by the accident scene yesterday that there was no way a person could have survived that crash. My deepest condolences and prayers for Mr. Paktiawal's family.

  • sinenomine Jan 30, 2015

    In 1941 Karl Shapiro wrote a poem, "Auto Wreck", about random death on the highway. I thought of the final words when I saw this accident:

    ""Already old, the question, Who shall die?
    Becomes unspoken, Who is innocent?
    For death in war is done by hands;
    Suicide has cause and stillbirth, logic;
    And cancer, simple as a flower, blooms.
    But this invites the occult mind,
    Cancels our physics with a sneer, And spatters all we knew of dénouement Across the expedient and wicked stones."

  • Shadow213 Jan 30, 2015

    I also drove by the scene of the crash perhaps 35-45 minutes after it happened and at that point there hadn't been much clean up probably because of the ongoing investigation as to what exactly happened. This is probably the worst accident I have ever seen that took place on a city street (not interstate).

    And I also agree that ever since they re-did this intersection a few years ago, the turn left from northbound six forks onto anderson drive feels "off"- as in the part of anderson drive you turn onto isn't where you think it is if you aren't paying enough attention.

  • sinenomine Jan 30, 2015

    I passed the scene of this wreck immediately after it occurred and it was one of the most horrible things I have ever seen.

    WRAL is very strange in its reporting. WTVD was on the scene with its helicopter almost immediately and gave the crash extensive coverage on air within at most an hour after it happened. WRAL, on the other hand, ignored the story on this website for hours and even now, judging from the stock graphic, has no photos or video.

    Despite the fact that WRAL, not WTVD, is nominally Raleigh's hometown station I am of the opinion that for hard local news WTVD has very much better coverage.

  • GlassIsCompletelyEmpty Jan 30, 2015

    Ever since they changed that intersection from the way it used to be a few years ago that left turn has thrown me for a complete loop. I dont know what it is about the change but it just doesnt work well after all those years the other way.