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One killed after train hits car in Battleboro

Posted February 21, 2013

— A 22-year-old Rocky Mount man died late Wednesday after an Amtrak train hit a car at a railroad crossing in Battleboro, in Nash County, police said. 

According to investigators, the car was stopped on a crossing near the intersection of Battleboro Avenue and Railroad Street about 11:45 p.m. when the southbound train hit it. The car was between the downed crossing arms, police said.

Justin Lamar Alston died in the wreck, and another person in the car was airlifted to Vidant Hospital in Greenville. His name was not released.

A third person inside the car was not injured, and no injuries were reported on the Amtrak train. 

Officials from five agencies responded to the crash to assist victims.


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  • oleguy Feb 22, 2013

    Sorry to hear this,, However there is more to this story.

  • Rolling Along Feb 21, 2013


    The current Amtrak engines weigh close to 300,000# and that doesn't include the weight of the train..

    I have no clue why people want to stop on the tracks.

  • CuriousT Feb 21, 2013

    "Just wish articles would stop saying the train hits cars." - caniacman

    Unfortunately, the accident will STILL be logged as the train hit the car. That is a sad fact.

    The real cause of the accident may have died with the young man. Maybe the survivors will tell the family what was happening in the car before the accident. Then again, maybe the family would prefer not to know.

    So sad for everyone that knows these people. I hope that they can find comfort during this horrible time.

  • zonk Feb 21, 2013

    Never understand these things either. Has to involve alcohol drugs or ignorance or all three you would think. Or just a death wish of some sort. Not like the train can chase you. Only have to move couple feet either way to avoid it.

  • carolinaflyboy72 Feb 21, 2013

    This is a terrible tragedy. I'd be interested in a follow-up to this article outlining what the survivors have to say about why the car was on the tracks with the train coming. I am always puzzled at how car drivers end up in front of oncoming trains. This doesn't have to happen.

  • Cee-Lo Feb 21, 2013

    the speed of the train doesnt matter....u just have to respect the train and stay off the tracks when its coming

  • caniacman Feb 21, 2013

    How fast the train is going has nothing to do this, you go out in front of a train going 20 mph and bad things are happening to the car. The problem is not the train it is that people keep trying to beat a train. Just wish articles would stop saying the train hits cars. It is the cars that cause these not the train. Just a shame it usually ends with someone losing a live!

  • lynchb01 Feb 21, 2013

    I am very sorry for his family but really, how does this stuff happen?? If you are broke down on the tracks GET OUT OF THE CAR! Your life is not worth risking.

  • baldchip Feb 21, 2013

    Hello-I know cars may have mechanical issues!! But do people understand that a 4000 lb car is no match for a 100,000 lb or more train going 50+MPH?? DUH!!! That's worse than a bicycle and a car. Odds are better on the bicycle!

    Come on people. This seems to be happening avery few weeks. And folks want higher speed trains??? Don't think so!!

  • 4Cats Feb 21, 2013

    How does stuff like this still happen? Stay off the tracks people...you will not win against a train!