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One injured after Harnett chase

Posted July 29, 2014
Updated July 30, 2014

— One person was airlifted to a hospital Tuesday night after leading authorities on a vehicle pursuit and crashing near Lillington.

Jeffrey George, 21, fled from police to avoid arrest after a drug sale to an undercover officer, Lillington Town Manager Bill Summers said.

The pursuit started on South River Road, and George crashed on U.S. Highway 421 near Mamers Road, authorities said.

There was no word on George's condition.


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  • ohnohedidnt Aug 4, 2014

    @psrock639 where did you get all of your information? 16 year old girl? Hwy Patrol do not make traffic stops on 4 lane roads? Give a boy a gun and a badge is one of the most dangerous things on the road? Keep personal vendettas to yourself. You do not know what you're talking about. Maybe drug dealers and drunk teenagers shouldn't run from the police.

  • John Smythe Jul 31, 2014
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    @psrock639 Lillington PD didn't kill or injure anyone, they never touched any of these people at all. They were all killed/injured by the drivers of the cars that crashed. The drivers chose to press the gas pedal, not the police. Over 99% of people pulled over stop with no issues, these chose not to and the consequenses of their own actions cost themselves and others dearly.

  • MudLife Jul 30, 2014

    He passed away.

  • tinerbeaner7 Jul 30, 2014

    First off, how would you feel if this was someone in your family? Second off, this happens to be my best friends fiance. We all make stupid decisions sometimes and no one is perfect. Jeffrey was a wonderful, down to earth boy and no one knows the situation so its just best to keep comments to ourselves. No one deserves to go thru something like this and you cant help what life brings to you. Yeah, he could of just pulled over and made it a lot better for us to bear but you know when your in a situation like he was, you dont always make the perfect decision. So if you dont have anything nice to say, keep your comments to yourself.
    We love you Jeffrey♡

  • PPLton Jul 30, 2014

    @PSROCK639, Your information is entirely false. Why do people lie on these posts? I'm sorry for you loss if you are indeed a parent of one of the deceased, but where are you hearing about a 16 yo girl, and how do you justify saying that the police killed anyone? Give a boy an inflated sense of entitlement and immortality, and a blame every one else attitude, and that's the most dangerous thing on the rd.

  • psrock639 Jul 30, 2014

    this makes 3 dead, 3 seriously injured by Lillington police since November. In the case where 3 were killed the police deny a pursuit while the officer in persuit had a 16 year old girl in the patrol car with him. traffic stop was shaky at best on 4 lane highway, something even the highway patrol doesn't do. have you read about any of the information i just gave you? of course not. how do i know? 1 of the 3 killed was my son. he wasn't running from anyone, he was screaming stop! give a boy a badge and a gun and that's one of the most dangerous things on the road.

  • doinbizzness Jul 30, 2014

    these comments are ridiculous. We keep talking about how the Police shouldn't have chased him. When Police STOP chasing folks...EVERYBODY RUNS!!!!!

  • Bernadette Dan Unger Jul 30, 2014
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    I really don't care if this guy was hurt or not, but if he was running from a drug sting and it was determined his plates were valid, I would stop the pursuit and get him later....making sure he was chased long enough to also charge him with felony eluding. On another note, I think the cops need a vehicular taser, you try to run, this is fired into your car instantly killing the computer and all electronics...chase over.

  • gunmonkey Jul 30, 2014

    Too many people getting killed or injured in high speed chases. They should make running from the cops illegal

  • Jerry Sawyer Jul 30, 2014
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    Yes, it was the speeding suspects fault for not stopping. But I don't feel the police have the right to endanger the public just to catch the person. High speed pursuits are so dangerous. There must be better options.