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One dead, four injured in I-95 crash

Posted January 16, 2011
Updated January 17, 2011

— A 34-year-old woman from Columbia, S.C., died Sunday night after the car she was riding in was struck from behind on Interstate 95 in Johnston County, according to troopers.

Latonya Sabrina Boykin was riding in the back of a two-door Ford. Her husband, Fernando Boykin, was driving and his father was sitting in the front passenger seat, troopers said.

A Toyota Avalon driven by Joseph Dorson White, 60, of Greenville, N.C., crashed into the back of the Ford near mile marker 97, troopers said. White and his wife, Leszie White, were taken to Johnston Memorial Hospital with minor injuries.

Latonya Boykin died from her injuries. Her husband and father-in-law were taken to WakeMed Hospital with minor injuries.

No charges were filed. No other information was released.


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  • rikerga Jan 18, 2011

    Isn't Smithfield where the police chief passed a stopped school bus years ago, and it was dismissed? Then, just recently he again did the same thing, still awaiting to see what happens to him. I would think that any other city in the world would of FIRED him or put him on leave without pay. Something just doesn't sound right about this town/county.

  • Mugu Jan 18, 2011

    The police are corrupt, they just want to steal your money.

  • ncmedic201 Jan 17, 2011

    What is the point of having traffic laws if tickets are issued to discourage them from being broken? Why would you issue a ticket to someone who randomly runs a red light but then if they run the same light and hit someone you don't issue a ticket?

  • Sherlock Jan 17, 2011

    ncmedic, I agree with you, but like anonemoose stated most get dismissed if the defendent shows that his insurance paid off the damages. Just think what it would do to the courts and insurance if no citations (tickets)were given out. ruduced the number of individuals in courts, reduced court hours,etc.

  • anonemoose Jan 17, 2011

    I very, very issue citations at a collision. The reason is unless it is a serious injury, 100% of them are dismissed by the DA. Either because the defendants insurance has paid for the damages, or they are letting the insurance fight it out. I won't waste the paper, ink, or clerks office's time to create a file for a charge I know will be dismissed.

  • ASU Jan 17, 2011

    This is for all the Non-Lawenforcement officers. State Troopers don't determine who is at fault. The insurance companies determine who was at fault. State Troopers issued tickets for contributing circumstances to the collision. I.E. running a stop sign, running a stoplight, speeding, and there are much more. Just because a State Trooper writes you a ticket that doesn't mean your insurance is going to pay the damage for the other vehicle. Most of the time but not all the time.

  • ncmedic201 Jan 17, 2011

    Sherlock, I see officers deliver tickets all the time to the hospital where the involved parties are taken. I wouldn't say it is unusual for an officer to write a ticket from an accident.

  • outside_of_apex Jan 17, 2011

    Sherlock: right a ticket

    I thought you did that when you slide the DA some money

  • Sherlock Jan 17, 2011

    If you right a ticket then your charging the individual correct?

  • Sherlock Jan 17, 2011

    Can not answer that, citations should only be written for violation of the law, some officers that I have spoken with say it is depart. policy and one officer I spoke with said that he has never written a citation at an accident and he lets the insurance company fight it out.