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Old warehouse gets OK to serve as Raleigh transit hub

Posted January 3, 2012
Updated January 4, 2012

Officials want to transform the former Dillion Viaduct Building on West Martin Street in downtown Raleigh into Union Station, a transit hub for the region.

— The City Council on Tuesday unanimously endorsed the idea of using a former warehouse on West Martin Street as a new rail station for both Amtrak passenger lines and planned regional commuter rail service.

The warehouse, known as the Dillon Viaduct Building, dates to the 1940s and is now owned by Triangle Transit.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation is leading a study to determine the feasibility of using the warehouse as the proposed rail station. If approved, the renovated warehouse would be first phase of Union Station, which also is expected to handle bus and other transit services.

Raleigh voters approved a $40 million transportation bond issue in October that included $3 million in improvements for Union Station. About $30 million in state and federal funds would also be used for the first phase of the facility.

The projected cost for an 18-mile commuter rail system across the Triangle is $1.43 billion.


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  • Raleighied Jan 6, 2012

    Well it passed a vote so I guess someone wants it here

  • fishon Jan 4, 2012

    What good old boy had a building he needed to get rid of?

  • Vietnam Vet Jan 4, 2012

    Ok, if my math is correct this 18 miles of commuter rail is going to cost something close to $75 million/mile. Is this something that we really need??? In this economy and with all the budget shortfalls spending almost a billion and a half dollars makes no sense to me!! An 18 mile rail system? Who's going to benefit from an 18 mile rail?? How much good will that actually do?

  • itsnews2me Jan 4, 2012

    Geez, what's going on in here in the Triangle? First we get a toll road, now we're getting a "Union Station." Its the War of Northern Aggression all over again...

  • monkeyboy Jan 4, 2012

    i've have to agree that that map is horrible. would it've killed whoever made it to at least label a street or two? plus the line weights are all off - emphasis shouldn't be on the trees between peace and hillborough. it's hard to even tell where boylan ave is.

  • jimthorne73 Jan 4, 2012

    Meeker Station

  • drjones74 Jan 3, 2012

    It is one light rail station proposal. The building is in the bottom center of the Glenwood Station circle.

  • larky74406 Jan 3, 2012

    What is that map? The building in question isn't even marked on there.

  • SteelThis Jan 3, 2012