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Old Neuse River bridge closes

Posted December 12, 2011

One of the oldest bridges in Wake County closed Monday morning.

The 73-year-old bridge on Falls of Neuse Road over the Neuse River is being torn down so construction can begin on a $3 million replacement.

A four-lane bridge on nearby New Falls of Neuse Road, which opened in October, will provide a detour until the new bridge opens in mid-2013.


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  • fayncmike Dec 13, 2011

    "If Yankees are such great drivers why cannot they navigate a narrow bridge? Here's a hint, slow down, for 73 years us Tarheels have done just fine with that old bridge. EVEN IN SNOW!

    Yup, gotta love the local drivers. there They are, driving 20mph under the speed limit, of course in the passing lane. (That's the one to the left) Than come to a dead stop in that same passing lane before pulling into the left turn lane at 1/2 mph. Than to prove you're daredevils at heart, you pull right in front of the oncoming traffic, at 1/2 mph. to make your left turn.

  • thinkin out loud Dec 13, 2011

    Why couldn't this one have stayed open till the new bridge was open????

  • Six String Dec 13, 2011

    "Five to six mile drive????? You go down New Falls of Neuse to Wakefield Pines and make a left turn. It's a matter or 3-5 minutes depending on traffic."

    The detour is longer than necessary. The detour would be shorter if they routed traffic over Wakfield Pines instead of taking you on Capital to tne NC-98 Bypass."

    1. Yes, it might be less than 5 or 6 miles -- but you must not live out that far or you would know that the words "depending on traffic" are significant on that two lane stretch of road. I'd like to see someone drive it in 3 to 5 minutes without a ticket or accident.

    2. Probably the reason the detour is not down Wakefield Pines is because of the housing and apartments, along with the school crossing. Not only is the speed limit very slow, the traffic would back up quite a lot due to this, and speed limits are enforced pretty well out there.

  • Shelley Cooper Dec 13, 2011

    but it impacts ME and it's all about ME


  • wilsmoku Dec 13, 2011

    They should have left it open. Put a low weight limit (cars only) if necessary

    really? 1/2 the people here cant read english much less drive so just make it a toll bridge and it will pay for itself lol

  • Crankyone Dec 13, 2011

    this is going to put extra demand on 6 Forks and US1 as those living noth of 98 and west of US 1, will be impacting those routes.

    If Yankees are such great drivers why cannot they navigate a narrow bridge? Here's a hint, slow down, for 73 years us Tarheels have done just fine with that old bridge. EVEN IN SNOW!

  • cwood3 Dec 13, 2011

    This is a great fishing spot. Hope the constructions crews don't silt up the river. Construction silt is horrible where Crabtree Creek runs into the Neuse River off US-64-bypass. Always has been.

    Our construction companies need to do a better job slowing storm water runnoff. Muddy water running into the Neuse can be devistating to fish, crawdads, and other water creatures living in the river. in addition, the Neuse is becoming more and more popular with canoe and hayak paddlers. That brown muddy water usually smells terrible as well as being rather unsightly.

  • childofNC Dec 13, 2011

    I'd be curious to know how much the bridge cost 73 years ago (and how much that would be in today's $s).

  • cn38of50 Dec 13, 2011

    Apparently these folks complaining of long drives don't know back roads in the area. It's very simple and short.

  • Country Girlz Have MORE fun Dec 13, 2011

    They have decided to get rid of the old brdge BUT to cross now you will need to swing across TARZAN.