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Ohio man arrested in Kenly was hauling explosive substance

Posted June 15, 2009
Updated June 16, 2009

— An Ohio man was arrested Friday after, authorities say, he stole a tractor-trailer carrying ammonium nitrate, a key ingredient in fertilizer that can also be used as an explosive.

A Highway Patrol trooper stopped the truck on Friday at the Flying J gas station and truck stop off Interstate 95 in Kenly.

Brian Rutledge, 46, of Carrolton, Ohio, was arrested and charged with possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest. He was in the Johnston County jail Monday afternoon under a $20,000 secured bond.

Authorities said the truck was stolen in Orville, Ohio, and that Rutledge knew what was in it.

Investigators said Monday that they are still unsure what he was going to do with the substance.


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  • wattsun Jun 16, 2009

    It is pretty known fact in the Intel community and by the extremists groups themselves that most groups classified as radical or extremist have been infiltrated by some form of FBI or CIA.
    So at the end of the day any terrorist action that happens domestically does so with these agencies forehand knowledge.
    You sound like a bright guy but I question your true concerns.
    What are you saying, we need to give up our liberties for a false sense of security ?
    When you gives up liberty for security you will end up with neither.

    Look deeper into some of the past cases of domestic terrorism including 911 and OKC there were always people that had forehand knowledge of the event but its always seems , for what ever reason or agenda that the folks at the tops weren't listening.


  • blackdog Jun 16, 2009

    Ammonium nitrate isn't an explosive substance, it's a fertilizer and an oxidizing agent. Ammonium nitrate must be mixed with an impurity such as a long chain hydrocarbon before it becomes potentially explosive. I hate media sensationalism.

    ...yet, it is the hardest substance to obtain to make a simpple, yet very effective ordinance with the addition of more common substances. I could go into details, but I don't wish to publish directions. A couple of tons, was reported. That is a substantial amount. ....QUITE substantial. Charcoal is an ingredient in black powder, but it isn't relative in explosive velocity to RDX, like AN +___________. Several tons of RDX comparible explosive in the hands of radical extremists who were born here CONCERNS me...

  • commonsensical Jun 16, 2009

    Ammonium nitrate isn't an explosive substance, it's a fertilizer and an oxidizing agent. Ammonium nitrate must be mixed with an impurity such as a long chain hydrocarbon before it becomes potentially explosive. I hate media sensationalism.

  • cameragirl Jun 16, 2009

    Why is the bond so low. If he stole the truck and knew what was in it then he must have had a plan. Nobody would just steal a truck and drive across country with it just to see if they can get a buyer. Wake up Johnston County and put this man under a million dollar bond until they can investigate. If he is part of a larger plan then the $20,000 can be made almost immediately.

  • SME2 Jun 16, 2009

    stolen from my home town!

    and it's Orrville, not Orville(that would be the popcorn - no relation)

  • blackdog Jun 16, 2009

    FOR THE RECORD : I do not live in fear. I understand emotional responses by poorly educated, emotionally driven individuals who side with radical political or religous views. I know about explosives. I know about farming. I know, that more explosives and deadly attacks have come from extremist citizens from this country, than from foreign terrorists.

    Was this truck destined to blow up another federal building, a church, a doctors office, a buisness, or public area ? This was enough primary ingredient to manufacture a massive ordinance. I mean MASSIVE. Or, it could make lots of them. Each with enough power to destroy a building.

    What CONCERNS me, is the nonchalant way this case was handled by those who should be involved to prevent another tragedy.

  • Glass Half Full Jun 16, 2009

    The destination of this truck needs to be determined. AN would be a placarded truck - it's contents would be known. I don't see someone randomly stealing a truck loaded with AN in Ohio and traveling to/through North Carolina without a destination and a purpose in mind. There's more to the story.

  • wattsun Jun 16, 2009

    My rant is more about domestic terrorism fear mongering in the press.
    not his innocence or guilt.
    If you look around you will see who HS considers the new terrorists threat are...YOU .
    Homeland Security needs a Boogie Man to justify these enormous budgets and with the help of people living in fear like "black dog" we will be living in a police state with no constitutional law protecting our rights us very soon.

  • familyfour Jun 16, 2009

    Doesn't matter to me whether he knew what was in it or not. He stole a truck. Had he been wreck less and caused some horrible accident, would he be any less guilty because he didn't know it would/could explode? He put himself in that position. Just because he was an ignorant criminal, doesn't not make him any less guilty.

  • wattsun Jun 16, 2009

    ???? scratches head who makes up this stuff????
    I read a totally different account of this story on the AP the day after the arrest.
    It stated the Driver was unaware that the truck was loaded with ammonium nitrate and was NOT considered a threat by Homeland Security....Whos telling the truth here?