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Oh Deer! Woodland Creature DIY Projects

Posted May 10, 2013

Will the deer trend ever get played out? For years already, hipsters have been screen printing deer onto everything, from living room couch pillows to T-shirts. Home bloggers started putting deer motifs everywhere, from wall hangings to paper mache (cruelty free, natch) faux trophy heads. Deer are popping up on mantels, on seasonal vignettes, and on throw blankets.

Then owls happened. Owl clocks became a thing, and owl pillows, and owl wall-hangings. In order to be cutting edge, deer were not enough, but now owl motifs had to emerge on bedding and curtains. (Owls are cute.)

What's next: Elk? Bison? I'm going to guess elk or bison, or maybe trout. Could beavers become a hip design motif? Beavers live in the woods. In any case, you too can experiment with woodland creature motifs for the low, low price of very little if you try making one of the following projects.

Buck and Doe Flower Pots: Paint buck and doe on ceramic or clay flower pots for instant style and fun. Spray paint and acrylic paint are all you need (and a good detail brush).

Faux Trophy Head (Fake! No Animal Harmed!): Animal rights people will enjoy this humane take on the trophy head. It's a fun project if you have old stuffed animals in the attic.

Owl Pillow: How cute is this owl pillow? Appliqued felt eyes make and a cute plaid body make this a project that could be done by someone with beginner sewing skills.

Deer Silhouette: Scotch tape was one DIY painter in Hartford's trick to making this super cute wall hanging. Without a stencil cutter, she used Scotch tape to create her deer stencil.

Deer Fabric Wall Hanging: There are a wall hanging project for folks who are more into sewing than carpentry projects. Silk screening eyeglasses onto a deer-print fabric took this project from cute to funky.

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