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Officers use stun gun on parent at Fayetteville middle school

Posted November 6, 2012

— Cumberland County deputies had to use a stun gun on a woman who they say assaulted school resource officers while trying to pick up her son Tuesday at a Fayetteville middle school.

A spokeswoman for the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office said Allyison Alicia Mims-Whitner went to Lewis Chapel Middle School shortly before 2 p.m. to try to check her son out of classes for the day, but that the boy was afraid of her and did not want to go with her.

Mims-Whitner, according to authorities, is not the boy's custodial parent.

As school resource officers questioned her, she became irate and combative and refused to leave without the child, authorities said.

That's when she allegedly assaulted the officers, which prompted them to use a stun gun.

Mims-Whitner was arrested and charged with one count of trespassing, two counts of resist, delay and obstruction of justice and two counts of assault on a government official.


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  • Stilllearnin Nov 15, 2012


    Article stated that this women was not the custodial parent, does that make a difference to you?

  • epee131 Nov 15, 2012

    Since when do kids make the call about going with a parent? And who said a school gets to decide if you can pick up your own kid or not? The school and those cops are out to lunch and they should all lose their jobs. Unless there is EVIDENCE or child abuse, I want my kid, you better hand over my kid!

  • esteryates69 Nov 9, 2012

    I sure hope this will invested,to see why this child is afraid or her,in hopes that nothing will happen to him.

  • storchheim Nov 8, 2012

    No photo?

  • airbornemonty Nov 8, 2012

    I understand the boy not wanting to be picked up by the woman, but has anyone considered that the boy would eventually have to return home?

    I'm afraid there will be heck to pay once she gets her hands on him, frightening to say the least.

  • Your Daddy 68 Nov 8, 2012

    sure seems clear why the kid didn't want to go with her.

  • SportsLover75 Nov 7, 2012

    agbritt2-- I agree with you question. I was thinking the samething... unless it's like NC Reader said she may have been on an approved list for picking up the child. If something had happened he may not have told his caregiver so they could have her removed. I am just glad he refused to go with her and then she showed his reasons why.

  • agbritt2 Nov 7, 2012

    If she is not the custodial parent, shouldn't she also be charged with attempted kidnapping?

  • Tarheel born Nov 7, 2012

    Alicia Whitner, convicted of larceny over $200 in 1997 in Cumberland County. Received probation and sentenced to community service. NC DOC# 593350......

  • NC Reader Nov 7, 2012

    Con Amor -- This woman may have been on the list of people that a parent approved to check him out. She could have been a sister, grandmother, neighbor, etc. In any case, it's good that the boy was willing to refuse to go.