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Officers issue 43K tickets in statewide safety blitz

Posted April 11, 2013

Nearly 43,000 traffic and criminal citations were handed out by law enforcement officers across the state during a weeklong safety campaign last month, officials announced Thursday.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation released the results of the “No Need 2 Speed” campaign, which ran March 25 to 31. The data shows 14,542 tickets were issued for speeding, 3,157 citations for safety belt violations, 587 citations for child passenger safety violations and 1,111 drug charges.

Officers also captured 929 fugitives and 51 stolen vehicles.

“Law enforcement’s presence on our roads is imperative to reminding motorists to obey speed limits, and we greatly appreciate their dedication to keeping our roads safe,” said Becky Wallace, director of the Governor’s Highway Safety Program, which coordinated the campaign.

Wake County had the most total violations with 4,153, followed by Mecklenburg County with 3,224.


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  • pa3de8 Apr 12, 2013

    I love reading the comments coming from people on here. It's hilarious. Especially the ones who got caught. The speed limits are there for a reason: for the safety of everyone, which means YOU, ME and anyone else on the road. When someone gets caught it's all about the police departments or state needing money or it's about the police who don't obey the speed limits, or some kind of excuse why you shouldn't have got the ticket.
    Come on folks, be serious. Check yourself and stop making excuses. Again the speed limits are there for a reason. There is usually an allowance of +/- 5 mph with speed limits, if you are going anymore than that you get what you deserve. Just because you are surrounded by steel doesn't mean that car isn't a death machine. Leave earlier, or whatever and stop placing blame elsewhere. I haven't received a speeding ticket here in NC but I did in another state and I fully accept that I deserved it without blaming others.

  • lopo Apr 12, 2013

    I was one of them, I was dpoing 52 in a 45, i guess I was just a danger on the street. Bad things is when we left the trooper passed me like I was standing still. I agree with HDStreetglide, the police need to check themselves butI guess they think they are above the law.

  • pa3de8 Apr 12, 2013

    I amazed at the stupidity of alot of people. I would love to know the amount of accidents with injuries/deaths caused by people carelessly speeding down roads just because they can and because of texting/mobile phones.
    First off, I blame speeding on our federal government and the auto makers. Why do we build cars that can top out at 100, 120, 140 miles an hour to begin with? There are no places here that you can drive that fast legally anyway except race tracks. Vehicles, other than emergency vehicles, should not be allowed over say 75 miles an hour.
    Secondly, take away all options to use your handheld devices in every car. With the money you are saving lowering how fast the car can go, could be used to put a mobile phone in every vehicle that is voice activated on the dash. Some sort of a item in your car that makes your regular mobile phone and texting options unusable as well. Then again, people will cry 1st amendments rights are being violated. But it would save more lives.

  • HDStreetGlide Apr 12, 2013

    The No need to speed campaign need to start with the local police, sheriff, and most of all the highway patrol!!!! They speed up and down our highways as bad or worst than any other drivers!!!!!

  • lazyrebel Apr 12, 2013

    Must need the money bad!

  • dcatz Apr 12, 2013

    The North Carolina Highway Robbery Gang strikes again. If anyone else did this, it would be considered criminal. I see no reason to grant police special exceptions to rob people.

  • sinenomine Apr 12, 2013

    Dazd N Confused, your name is certainly apt judging by your comment(s).

    Driving less than the speed limit (assuming you're not going, say, 25 in a 70 zone) is not breaking the law. In fact, at times even going the limit can be breaking the law, as is the case where the roadway is covered with ice or snow or severely diminished visibility prevents safely driving as fast as the limit would otherwise permit.

  • joeBob Apr 12, 2013

    Rarely do I worry about a speeding ticket when driving 9 or 10 over the limit. There is someone always on my bumper waiting impatiently for me to get out of the way so they can go as fast as their vehicle can possibly go. How do those folks have insurance or stay out of jail?

  • WooHoo2You Apr 12, 2013

    Tell me honestly how someone driving less than speed limit is not "breaking the law?" Ignorance of the law is not an argument for "breaking the law."- Dazd N Confused

    The Speed Limit is the LIMIT…or maximum speed you are legally allowed to go. Now you can’t drive 35 MPH in a 65 (that would be “impeding”) but you can’t honestly think everyone can drive exactly 65; no faster no slower do you?

  • sinenomine Apr 12, 2013

    On the subject of left lane driving:

    (1) The speed limit applies to ALL lanes. If it's 65, say, you aren't supposed to exceed that speed anywhere on the highway.

    (2) Unless you are passing do not stay in the left lane regardless of your speed.

    (3) If there are at least three lanes of travel in the same direction, and you are not passing, the correct lane is usually the one closest to the right shoulder however if the farthest right lane has traffic frequently merging you are safer to travel in the middle lane, or lane next closest the right shoulder. Otherwise you may be forced to constantly move over to the left to allow mergers to enter the traffic stream. If you drive in the middle lane, though, do the speed limit.

    (4) The biggest cause of accidents isn't speed per se but impatience. Impatience is what leads to tailgating and other unsafe things. Exercise a little patience and make the roads safer for everyone.