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Officer unhurt after Durham police car shot

Posted February 4, 2015

— A Durham police officer escaped injury Wednesday when someone fired a shot at his unmarked patrol car.

The shooting occurred shortly before noon near the intersection of South Street and Scout Drive, police said.

The car was hit by one bullet, and several nearby homes were also sprayed with gunfire, police said.

Sierra Williams said she was sitting on her porch nearby when she heard at least seven shots fired. She described the scene as "basically a war zone."

"I lost count after seven, and those were the big shots I heard. So, after that, I ran in the house," Williams said. "Something is always happening in this neighborhood or around this neighborhood. Only thing we can do is stay in the house."

The officer, whose name hasn't been released, drove away from the area after the shooting.

Police Chief Jose Lopez said the officer was clearly targeted, saying that the officer was on his way to conduct official business when someone in a vehicle on Bond Street opened fire.

"It was not by chance that they were apparently shooting at someone else. They were clearly shooting at this vehicle," Lopez said, noting that, even though it has no Durham Police Department markings, it has an antenna and a state license plate indicative of a police car.

"This is a highly serious situation. When you have somebody who would shoot at law enforcement, (they) would shoot at someone a lot quicker, and we need to get these individuals off the street," he said.

Investigators said they believe the shots were fired from an older-model, gray sedan with tinted windows, possibly a Nissan. Two men wearing blue-and-black jackets were in the car, and police said they believe both men fired shots during the incident.

Lopez said he is concerned about his officers but said there but is no evidence that the shooting is connected to two December incidents in which other Durham officers were shot at.

Officer J.T. West was in his patrol car on Lakeland Street on Christmas night when two men approached his vehicle and one fired six shots at him. He wasn't wounded by suffered an injury as he dove for cover.

On Dec. 29, someone fired a shot at the apartment of an off-duty officer. The officer wasn't wounded, but a sliding glass door to his dining room was shattered.

Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest in Wednesday's shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call Durham police at 919-560-4415, extension 29306, or Crime Stoppers at 919-683-1200.


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  • nclgw Feb 5, 2015

    Glad the officer is okay....

  • Alexia Proper Feb 5, 2015
    user avatar

    Just to follow-up my last post with how I arrived at that number number:

    crime numbers / population = murder rate
    (3799 murderers / 223553265 white people) = 0.0000169937 murderers / white person
    (4379 murderers / 38929319 black people) = 0.0001124859 murderers / black person

    black rate / white rate = rate difference
    0.0001124859 / 0.0000169937 = 6.62 (rounded to hundredths place)

  • Alexia Proper Feb 5, 2015
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    Indeed, you're right. Somebody in hear referred to the FBI statistics, but others refused to go look, so I did. Taking into consideration that blacks are 13% of the population, the murder rate committed by blacks is over 6 times higher than that of murder committed by whites. 6x! That's astounding and sad.

    Consider Table 43A:

    There are 5.74x more white people than black people in America per the 2010 census, and I assume the rate is about the same today.

    So, 4,379 black murderers arrested, whereas there were only 3,799 white people arrested for murder. Doing the math, blacks kill about 6.62x more than whites. That's not being racist, that's just fact directly from the crime and population statistics.

  • Alexia Proper Feb 5, 2015
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    No disagreement that there is a "worst part" of any town, but the "worst part" of Durham has people killing people in the streets, shooting at officers, shooting into people's cars, shooting into people's houses.

    That is not what most people mean when they say the "worst part" of town. I guess we do hear that about south-side Chicago, certain parts of New York, and Fayetteville.

    Bottom line is that there is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.

  • tbagasaurusrex Feb 5, 2015

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    Hope your hangover isn't too bad that you can't read this morning's stats for Feb 4th mugshots in Wake County:

    white 3
    black 24
    hispanic 3
    asian 1

  • LetsBeFair Feb 5, 2015

    sure, they make the news ... someone shot my car and others driving by an apartment complex at night in Raleigh 2 weeks ago ... no one cared.

  • 68_dodge_polara Feb 5, 2015

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    Also flexfunk apparently.

    I dont get any impression that these guys would harm innocent people. They knew it was a cop car by the license plate..they obviously knew they were shooting at a cop car.

    If they wanted to just randomly shoot at cars for fun, they would have been in trouble a while ago.

    — Posted by flexfunk7

  • Bullcity34 Feb 5, 2015

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    Hahaha are you?

  • Greg Boop Feb 5, 2015
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    Ever since agitators like Sharpton and Jackson said after Ferguson that cops were guilty of something.

  • Bullcity34 Feb 5, 2015

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    Actually I did comment on those articles and said throw the book at the dad and son that killed the Granville couple. See unlike you I don't pull the race card every time something happens. but you're so racist you can't even acknowledge that despite the disgusting killings by these white males killing family members etc. The murder rate for African Americans is astonishing. But you keep fighting the good old left wing limp wrist fight. We know how the song goes, if at first you don't succeed play the race card. Never leave home without it.