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Off-duty trooper charged with DWI, resigns

Posted June 25, 2010

— An off-duty Highway Patrol trooper resigned Friday after being arrested on charges of drunken driving and felony hit-and-run, authorities said.

Master Trooper Timothy Scott Stiwinter was arrested at about 11:45 p.m. Thursday following a collision at the intersection of Airport Road and Fanning Bridge Road in Buncombe County.

Investigators said Stiwinter was stopped by an Asheville police officer a couple of hours after the wreck. An officer said she detected the smell of alcohol on Stiwinter's breath and that he was unsteady. He refused to take a field sobriety test or a breath-alcohol test.

A search warrant has been filed to test Stiwinter's blood. It was unclear if he has an attorney.

Stiwinter had been with the Highway Patrol since 1999 and was assigned to the Troop G office in Hendersonville.

His resignation is the latest in a series of problems experienced by the Highway Patrol. Other troopers have been fired or resigned in the past couple of years for offenses including drunken driving, having sex on duty, profiling young women for traffic stops and animal abuse.


Information from: The Asheville Citizen-Times


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  • Journey985 Jun 28, 2010

    So, not only does a SWORN officer go out drunk driving, but THEN he hits someone and flees the scene?? Wow, I can't WAIT to hear RPD07, leo-nc and all you other LEO supporters defend this one!!! Oh and as far as the whole "it's just a few bad apples" defense, sorrey, but this make HOW many troopers this month??? Enough already, it's time for an outside investigation into this power tripping idiots!!!

  • slappyh99 Jun 25, 2010

    Why doesn’t someone (WRAL perhaps) investigate Col. Glover for the wreck report he falsified years ago when his then (and current) girlfriend Beverly Perdue was involved in an accident? According to someone very familiar with that incident he falsified the wreck report to cover for Perdue. Had she been drinking? We will never know now. I guess his covering for her then has paid off for him now since she promoted him to Colonel.

  • jackieflash42 Jun 25, 2010

    There are bad apples in every bunch of federal,state, and local levels that reaches even into the mom and pop businesses on every street corner of every town. Having said that, this particular trooper has resigned and another bad apple has been taken of. If the SHP takes care of stuff like this when it happens and does what it can to replace the bad apple with a good one, then i'm okay with it and will applaud their efforts. I support the law enforcement community,...but, when you refuse to blow.... you gotta go. And you can bank that because when The Flash says so, you know it's money ,baby...

  • Justin T. Jun 25, 2010

    This man committed an awful crime, no doubt. It just bothers me that we all hold law enforcement to a higher standard than we do ourselves even when they are off-duty. DWIs happen to Joe Citizen every day and it seldom makes the news. As a citizen I really don't want the media to tell me about the what goes on with officers when they are off the clock. It creates a bad impression of people who are actually heroes and doesn't give them a chance to live a normal life when they're not in uniform.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jun 25, 2010

    We do need the State Patrol They can help in lots. You are going to have your bad apples. I can agree that we need to elect someone to handle the State patrol, & we need someone that handles complaints, & I will say that it has always had problems it is just now that they are putting it out there.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 25, 2010

    kodac: its not to be so defensive when so many redneck hillbilly come up here...it makes the matter worse. They ate a lot of paint chips so they will not get whatever you say.

  • Whatever Geez Jun 25, 2010

    Can they put breathalyzer interlock devices on SHP cars?

    Kind of like this hillbilly: he was off duty, he wouldn't be inhis car therefore...no need for it. Read the article

  • nighttrain2010 Jun 25, 2010

    >>had voted Pat McCrory in as Governor

    LOL, mayorship of Charlotte will not necessarily make one a good governor. I'm not 'left wing', I'm conservative enough that McCrory is a liberal in my view (expanding government run rail paid for by higher tax is not a conservative position among other things) and no he wouldn't have cleaned up a single thing.

    Pat would have just hired his own cronies instead of the Democrats cronies for high state office. Or do you think these officers in trouble would have really been caught under a Republican governor?

  • no contest Jun 25, 2010

    I just read this. With this crowd of NC Troopers nothing surprises me any more with them. I hope WRAL is trying to get the text messages from the last clown that just left. No trust and no respect for this team of bullies.

  • Whatthehey Jun 25, 2010

    teachyourchildrenwell said "Did you know that on a normal day that there are only 4 highway patrolman patrolling the streets at any given time in Wake County?"

    Thanks for sharing the statistics - I feel safer already!! I trust RPD and Wake County. Can they put breathalyzer interlock devices on SHP cars?