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Occupy Raleigh marks 100th day; two arrested

Posted January 22, 2012
Updated January 23, 2012

— Two Occupy Raleigh protesters were arrested Sunday as the movement marked the 100th day since it began in October.

The group held a march around the State Capitol called "100 Reasons to Demonstrate."

Two men were taken into custody after they refused to get out of Fayetteville Street, police said. Nicholas Alan Warren Johnson, 25, and John Christopher Pearson, 33, were both charged with impeding the flow of traffic.

They were physically arrested, police said, in connection with other charges. Johnson had two outstanding warrants for failing to appear in court and Pearson resisted officers who tried to charge him for disrupting traffic, police said.

In December, protesters moved into a new base camp in a 2,500-square-foot lot near West and Edenton Streets. Rob Baumgart, who owns a Sprint and Nextel sales company called Chatterbox Communications, leased the space to protesters for about $400 a month. 

Since then, protesters have used the space to organize, sleep and eat while they picket at the Capitol Building downtown. City officials said camping in small, personal tents is allowed in the business district with no time limits. 

Raleigh police haven't kept a permanent officer at the camp, as they do during protests at the Capitol, but have responded to complaints and arrested six people Dec. 17 during a march. 


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  • mswayze Jan 23, 2012

    Tell me about the 53% too. I'm one of the 99% who pays taxes. LMAO

  • mswayze Jan 23, 2012

    Wake Up America
    Vote out the corrupt- Just vote-80% turnout will scare the life out of any crooked politician. Vote None of the above, vote yourself, vote mickey mouse- just vote


    pick one- this isn't all of em and they just keep growing

    massive peaceful change- Jefferson knew better- So did King.

  • mswayze Jan 23, 2012

    117. wow.
    It's a good thing when the XL is to produce profit by selling refined to china instead of lowering gasoline prices.which koch brother gets the profit from that pipeline spewing- oh yeah a thousand full time jobs and a thousand short term contract ones. a future superfund site.
    Occupy- this looks like the place- warm and free(sortof).
    Clear plastic- split level cardboard boxes- a sunroom.

  • Jeremiah Jan 23, 2012

    (and we know that a lot of the arrests are simply for "loitering", not for violent crimes or burglarly or anything....

  • Jeremiah Jan 23, 2012

    "As far as the unfairness of everyone not having a chance, my reply is this. Everyone is born equal."

    your wrong from the very start. some are born into total poverty. some are born with drug-addicted parents. some are born with no parents and grow up on the street. some grow-up in foster homes. some are raised much like an animal. some are born with terrible diseases, mental problems, handicaps.... And then some people are born to wealthy, well-educated, hard-wokring parents who provide everything for their child, from money, to moral supports, to teaching them important life lessons that will benefit them later in life.

    no, people are not born or raised equally.

  • bombayrunner Jan 23, 2012

    if they had what they wanted, they wouldn't know what they had to stop protesting.

  • bombayrunner Jan 23, 2012


  • Ambygirl Jan 23, 2012

    justincaseur2 I wish there was a like button here because I loved what you said!! 100% perfect and SO true!!

  • hunter38 Jan 23, 2012

    "you know, it's not a good practice to characterize an entire group of people by the actions of a few." - Jeremiah

    Nearly 6000 arrests since they started. check occupyarrests.com. Nah..these people don't cause problems

  • justincaseur2 Jan 23, 2012

    As far as the unfairness of everyone not having a chance, my reply is this. Everyone is born equal. It is what each person does with their lives after they are born that counts. Education is free, for a fee. That fee is your involvement. I am so tired of whining people thinking they are "entitled" to a better life. No one is entitled to anything, handout or otherwise, just because of who they think they are. 99% of the whiners have no cause to whine and actually ruin it for people who actually do have it hard.

    We all do the best we can with what we have and if you want to blame someone for your situation start with yourself. Take responsibility for your own life instead of blaming everyone else.

    That's across the board...parents...do your jobs and be parents instead of pawning your children off on DVDs and video games. Children, put down the video games and pay attention in school. Engage your lessons and learn from them then take what you've learned and apply it in your life.