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Obama's 'no boots on the ground' promise sparks attention at Ft. Bragg

Posted September 6, 2013

— President Obama met with senior advisers Thursday to soften resistance to a military strike against the Syrian government while working to build international support for U.S. military action. 

Senate leader Harry Reid on Friday formally introduced the resolution authorizing military force, as President Obama continued to insist that any military action in Syria would not involve troops on the ground. 

Obama's 'no boots on the ground' promise is one that got the attention of Fort Bragg troops and their families. 

Ft. Bragg troops and families talk of widespread support for military action Ft. Bragg troops and families talk of widespread support for military action

"I understand he is the one ultimately responsible for making decisions that are going to keep myself safe, my son, my other son and daughter and everyone else in this country," said military wife Candice Rittmeister. 

Troops from Fort Bragg have been on the front lines of two wars in the last 12 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. Their families want to make sure the president has the full picture before making a decision. 

"I truly believe God blessed us to have that power, but with that power we have to have wisdom," said military spouse, Nancy Creedon. 

In the Fort Bragg community there is a school of thought that America has a moral obligation to send a military message to the Syrian leader Bashare Assad, who is accused of using chemical weapons to kill civilians. 

"I'm not sure what to do about it, but we should do something. I think America is in the lead role right now," said Korean War Veteran, Lynnwood Stephens. 

After a five-week recess, senators will officially start debating on a resolution to grant Obama permission to attack Syria. 

President Obama plans to address Americans from the White House on Tuesday. 


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  • kermit60 Sep 9, 2013

    glarg has a very valid point. If we help topple the Assad regime who then takes over? Will it be the radical muslims? If so what will they do with the chemical weapons?

  • glarg Sep 9, 2013

    Heh? No "boots on the ground"?

    We are going to topple the Assad regime who has stock piles of chemical weapons. The rebels are mostly radical Islamists who find Assad not quite crazy enough for them.

    When the Syrian government falls, who exactly is going to take control of the stockpiles of WMD!? If we wont have "boot on the ground" its going to be the Al Queda groups.

    The plan is a poorly thought out disaster. I wish he would go back to golf.

    Think of all the stared Generals that Obama has sacked- McKiernan, McChrystal, Petraeus, John Allen, James Mattis.

    Obama is decapitating America's military knowledge and letting wars (oops 'actions') be planned by Beltline NGO hipsters.