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Oakwood neighbors band together after 'shocking' home invasion

Posted January 10, 2013
Updated January 11, 2013

— Residents of the historic Oakwood community near downtown Raleigh say they're shocked by this week's violent home invasion in which a man was shot defending his wife from a sexual assault.

At a community crime meeting Thursday evening, which was planned before Monday's attack, neighbors said they're looking out for one another.

"These events have really startled people. I've heard neighbors who are frightened in their homes and are worried about their safety and the safety of their kids," said Michael Buerkel-Hunn. "We want to look at each other across the street and take care of each other and make sure everybody is OK. I hope that our spirit of community will rise above these shocking events."

At a prayer vigil Wednesday night, many residents said they've never seen this type of violent crime in their close-knit community.

"In 20 years, I've never seen anything like this," Greg Lewbart said Wednesday.

Oakwood neighbors band together after 'shocking' home invasion Oakwood neighbors band together after 'shocking' home invasion

Buerkel-Hunn said living in a downtown neighborhood comes with some crime risk, but that the community is struggling to cope with their fear in the wake of Monday's shooting and assault.

"Oakwood has been a close neighborhood for a long time," he said Thursday. "I think it's a place where we're comfortable with risk, but also value close community."

He added that events like Wednesday's vigil have helped bring people together.

"I think that really helped the community feel cared for, and it brought everybody out to sort of talk about our fears and worries," Buerkel-Hunn said.

Two brothers – 26-year-old Jahaad Tariem Allah Marshall and 16-year-old Shabar Master Marshall – face a slew of charges in the home invasion, as well as a Dec. 11 break-in on Dorety Place in east Raleigh in which the victim was held at gunpoint. 


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  • mustangyts Jan 14, 2013

    So some say they "don't feel comfortable with a gun in the home", well I don't feel comfortable being raped in my own home! Talk about being a target! LOL

  • That Explains It Jan 14, 2013

    tsquaring ... perfect point.

  • That Explains It Jan 14, 2013

    Where is the outrage that criminals have guns? Where are the calls for legislative action to force guns out of the hands of criminals?

  • lighter22 Jan 14, 2013

    Alarm systems and a good weapon. Man's best friend in this toilet bowl of an economy and debt that is only getting worse.

  • BernsteinIII Jan 14, 2013

    Spend $20-$30 a month an have a House Alarm. Even just put stickers up so criminals don't think you are an easy mark.

  • Eightball Jan 11, 2013

    "Ever think that the guy from the security company was lying to make a sale?....johnathanb52"- Nope, it was the guy installing them that told me. Not the salesman. I had already made up my mind & ordered them weeks earlier.

  • tsquaring Jan 11, 2013

    I listened to a recording of a 911 call at a meeting i was attending. The woman was locked in her bedroom and she was unarmed. The person on the phone with her assured her the police were on their way. She was sexually assaulted before they arrived and the guy left. The terror of that woman on the recording still haunts me. Then I think about the case in the news recently about the woman hiding her children in the attic as a man was going through the house. She was terrified, but shot the man several times as he entered the door. My thought is, " Ladies, which woman do you want to be"?

  • MrX-- Jan 11, 2013

    "these kids need to be off the streets for good! gun toting, abusive theives have no place amongst the general population, however, I do not think the answer is more guns! how backwards!!"

    Do you prefer how this invasion ended over the homeowner having shot one or both of these men? A gun is a great equalizer.

  • tonycheeek Jan 11, 2013

    Does it bother anyone that the younger perp, 16-year-old Shabar Master Marshall lived at an address within 1000 feet from the home the two slain Golden Corral employees, Samual Flores Mendoza and his wife, Maria Saravia Mendoza?

  • North Carolina Cutie Jan 11, 2013

    You're not exempt from crime because of where you live and it's not always the one they think.