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No Cooking Oil Down the Drain!

Posted November 27, 2013

'tis the season for latkes and other delicious fried foods, along with greasy residue from cooking turkeys, geese, and more. Once the plates are all cleared and the kids are set to scrubbing the pots and pans, though, there's an inevitable problem: what are you going to do with all that grease?

The tempting approach is to tip it right down the drain, but as New York's Department of Environmental Protection warns, that's not the right solution. Grease down the drain is hazardous for plumbing and the environment, and you need to dispose of it in a responsible way. (No, the compost isn't a good place either.) Instead, grease should be poured into appropriate containers and thrown away or creatively reused (chicken fat makes a great cooking oil!) -- while it may pain you to send grease to the landfill, it's the right environmental choice.

New York plumbers don't want to be making degreasing calls on the day after Thanksgiving, so do yourself a favor: Cease the Grease!

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