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Nifong appeals bankruptcy ruling

Posted June 5, 2008

— Mike Nifong is appealing an order issued last week by a bankruptcy judge who ruled a civil rights lawsuit by three former Duke University lacrosse players can proceed.

Nifong filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, which temporarily protected him from the lawsuit, which claimed he, the city of Durham and others conspired to keep a weak case alive as he faced an election.

David Evans, Collin Finnerty and Reade Seligmann were cleared in April 2007 of all charges stemming from an exotic dancer's claims she was raped.

Nifong listed a debt of more than $180 million – possible losses to the players – and personal belongings worth $243,898.


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  • ctechic2004 Jun 6, 2008

    seankelly15-they were under the age of 21, so that makes them underage drinkers.And yes, money did lead to their exoneration...My morality was not offended...
    Yes, they were there when the alleged crime happened. It was not alleged that they were there, it is fact that they were there. It is also not alleged that a stripper was hired, it is fact that she was hired.

  • NC_VET Jun 6, 2008

    Nifong is just a snake-in-the-grass and not man enough to
    own up to his own short comings and mistakes. Wants someone
    else to pay for it, like the tax payers of Durham.

  • TheAdmiral Jun 6, 2008

    "Why? It is not a legal document."

    This is why people like you shouldn't vote. It is a legal document replaced with the constitution.

    If you READ the document, it will have many of the same things in there that we now face with the gestapo city, county, state and federal governments that we originally wanted freedom from when it was written.

    But then again... Liberals do not see the correlation of corruption, in the court systems and in congress because they are blind to their own stupidity and poor ethics.

  • seankelly15 Jun 6, 2008

    ctechic2004 - Your vitriolic comments suggest that you need to "Get over it".

    Why trot out the old chestnut that "they must have done something wrong". Or, suggest that money led to their exoneration. There was no crime (your morality may have been offended, but fortunately that is not yet a crime), if there was no crime then there could not be any suspects, if there are no suspects then no one could get arrested, and so on. What part of this do you not understand?

    Please explain what portion of this were they repsponsible for? It is not illegal to hire a stripper. You don't even know who hired them - it certainly wasn't the three men charged. Underage drinking - were any of the three men underage - were any of them charged with underage drinking - should they accept responsiblity because there were some students that Crystal alledged were underage and drinking? Were the men even there when the stripper alledged that they were?

  • seankelly15 Jun 6, 2008

    TheAdmiral - "I think that the Declaration of Independence needs to be brought forward and dusted off. Revamped for today's society and then presented to congress, presidents, and local governments as a "You're fired" national event." Why? It is not a legal document. If you wish to declare your independence from the US then have at it - aside from plagarism, there is nothing stopping your from re-using the document to declare your independence.

  • ctechic2004 Jun 6, 2008

    I don't understand...how was their lives ruin? Are they homeless, penniless, jobless? Oh, that right, they were accused of a crime that they say didn't happen. Did the crime happen? Who knows. Why was there underage drinking? Why was they hiring strippers anyway? Where is their share of responsibility in all this? As some are quick to ask, where were their parents when they were drinking and hiring strippers? Oh the poor little rich boys got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and their little silver spoons has been tarnished. Get over it...Life goes on.

  • TStills Jun 6, 2008

    Ugh. If I never see this joker's big meaty head again, it will be too soon. He should get the gas chamber solely for the countless times we've had to look at his miserable mug on the evening news. Nighty-night windbag - your 15mins of fame are up...

  • Doctor Dataclerk Jun 6, 2008

    Isn't it a shame that most things that you would like to last forever, are over in a few minutes at best; and things like Nifong seem to go on forever.

  • LibertarianTechie Jun 6, 2008

    bngexpress, back when the Attorney General's office announced the clearing the the three lacrosse players of the rape of Crystal Mangum, he also announced that she would not be charged.

  • watch out here i come Jun 6, 2008

    Should be interesting, One Former Lawyer vs. an Up and Coming Lawyer(one of the Students). Nifong should answer for his Arrogance and the Judge did right to deny his Filing as exactly what it is(a Dodge of Responsibility).