Newton says Dems 'a little sensitive' in reaction to HB2 comment

Posted April 26

Sen. Buck Newton, R-Wilson

— Sen. Buck Newton, R-Wilson, says he was not referencing sexuality when he called on supporters Monday to help him "keep our state straight."

"Go home, tell your friends and family who had to work today what this is all about and how hard we might fight to keep our state straight," Newton said during a rally in support of House Bill 2, the controversial measure passed in response to Charlotte's transgender nondiscrimination ordinance.

The law has provoked a backlash from a number of corners, including businesses and entertainers, as well as the LBGT community. It has been the focus of statewide and national news reporting for more than a month and was the subject of a day full of demonstrations and protests Monday.

Newton's remarks drew fire from both independent liberal groups and the state Democratic Party, which called on Newton to apologize.

Speaking Tuesday, Newton said he had nothing to apologize for, repeating that the bill was aimed at keeping "men out of the bathroom with little girls."

"I think the silly season is upon us, and I think this whole effort by the Democratic Party is to be expected," he said. "I never mentioned gays or anyone. So, I'm not quite sure how they made that leap. Maybe they're being a little sensitive."

Pressed as to whether he meant to implicate a gay-straight dynamic, Newton replied, "I don't know how they made that connection. I never mentioned anything about homosexuality."

Newton is the Republican candidate for attorney general. He is running against former state Sen. Josh Stein, a Democrat.


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  • Terry Lightfoot Apr 27, 11:24 a.m.
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    Yea...the sky is also falling with Chicken Little, the Martians are going to land soon as well....according to your logic, 'strange' men are going to start magically showing up at Pullen Park and Optimist Pools this summer and immediately prance into the ladies shower area.....scare mongering and your black and white world...not going to happen. It's a stupid law that has NO penalty and NO criminal statue....chew on that for a while.

  • Terry Lightfoot Apr 27, 11:19 a.m.
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    " Iam" you don't get it, and no amount of explaining your simple little black and white world of man and woman and their genitals will convince you otherwise.
    Should Caitlyn Jenner be allowed to use the Men's bathroom in NC? Hell no, she should use the bathroom of her gender identity...keep it simple and don't try to overthink this with your mumbo jumbo.

  • Terry Lightfoot Apr 27, 11:13 a.m.
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    Wow...Buck Newton knew exactly the context he was using the word 'straight' in....he's going to be shown the door when his term is up...what a bigot..NC does not need politicians like Buck.

  • Fanny Chmelar Apr 27, 10:32 a.m.
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    Jesus Christ this guy has issues.

    The sad thing is, his thoughts reflect the conservatives in the legislature - and some liberals.

    It's just now they're tired of coddling their words and think that saying these things out loud has no repercussions.

    November may wake them up IF, and only if the sentiments on here get in people's ears and they stop thinking 'bathroom' and start thinking 'what exactly does that law do to *me*?'

    The conservatives are on a power grab at the expense of our paychecks, job creating, and our civil liberties. People from both political parties can kick them out and put in people who are at least trying to fight for We (you know, the ones who create government) instead of Them (the ones who buy the government).

  • Charlie Watkins Apr 27, 8:10 a.m.
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    NC still has many straight people so Buck is partly right I think.

  • Karen Grigg Apr 27, 6:19 a.m.
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    Joe, the Republican party already made themselves villains by how they handled the situation. They called a $48,000 "emergency" session, handed legislators the bill with five minutes to read before deliberating, and appended the "bathroom" part of the bill with 3 pages of completely unrelated junk taking away rights from all of us, and pushed it through in a day. Nobody had time to carefully read the bill, and the public was not consulted. They never cared about protecting anyone. They saw a golden opportunity to shove in other failed verbage into a distracting wrapper. Half of my problem with this bill is more about the lack of transparency and the sneakiness of how it was done and what was added. Why couldn't they have simply introduced the bathroom part of the bill and done it in an upfront, transparent way?

  • Karen Grigg Apr 27, 6:12 a.m.
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    . Iam, HB 2 was not ever about the bathroom. If it was, pages 3-5 of the bill wouldn't be in there. Our legislators had all that other language about disallowing workers to sue at the state level for workplace discrimination lying around from a previous failed bill, knew it was controversial, so they used Charlotte as a golden opportunity. I have seen a couple of stories about non-trans men in the ladies room. In those stories, even without an HB 2 law, somehow, the police were able to arrest the men in question. Creative law writers should be able to craft laws that allow predatory men to be arrested while still allowing trans people to use the restroom they appear to belong in. You want big, burly, bearded trans guys in the bathroom with your wife? If trans people follow the law, it will cause more chaos than before. And police forces across the state are already saying they don't have the staff to enforce this, so what's the point?

  • Dusty Bottems Apr 27, 5:52 a.m.
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    It's like reality tv, watching someone say something so disgusting and intended to slip under the radar and then play it off like it was nothing. He'd be a good candidate for real housewives of the extreme religious right. If there was such a tv show

  • Iam Theantisatan Apr 27, 1:55 a.m.
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    The Charlotte Ordinance needs to be rescinded.

    Do you have a copy of that too?

    I do, and the width of the provisions concerning who can legally claim any and all rights of the gender opposite of their biological gender is astounding.

    It effectively ends any legal definition of instances where there are two seperate genders due to essentially removing any obstacle from anyone whosoever in any circumstance whatsoever to claim to be whichever gender they prefer to be at anytime.

  • Iam Theantisatan Apr 27, 1:39 a.m.
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    I still haven't been able to figure out how
    y'all justify a definition of "discrimination" as being "when a biological man is not permitted to use facilities soley intended for a biological woman".

    That's what sounds seriously wacko to me.