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Merger with Pope makes Fort Bragg even bigger

Posted March 1, 2011

— One of the nation's largest military bases is about to get even bigger.

A ceremony was held Tuesday at Pope Air Force Base marking the facility's merger with nearby Fort Bragg. The Army is assuming responsibility for the base, which will be renamed Pope Army Air Field.

Once the merger is complete, Fort Bragg will have about 58,000 uniformed military personnel and 13,000 civilian workers. The Air Force will see its numbers reduced by about 1,100.

“Pope and Fort Bragg have long been a family,” said Fort Bragg Deputy Commander Maj. Gen. Rodney Anderson.

The name Pope Field is a return to the beginning.

In 1919, the military established a landing field in the newly formed Camp Bragg and named it Pope Field, after Lt. Harley Pope who died after crashing his plane into the Cape Fear River earlier that year. 

"I think the name, actually, it's kind of nostalgic. It comes back to its roots," said Col. Merle Hart, of the 440th Airlift Wing. 

Pope-Bragg merger cements long military ties Pope-Bragg merger cements long military ties

The move is one of the changes recommended by the 2005 Base Realignment and Closure Commission.

One of the goals is to improve the efficiency of services provided to military personnel and their families, ranging from housing assistance to religious support.


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  • james18 Mar 2, 2011

    yea the shooting was from an ARMY TROOP living on Pope base housing..HELLO!!!! did you read anyhting I wrote..I have been stationed @ Pope since 1997, I KNOW what goes on here, I know and see how things are changing and not for the better..On the other note, In NO time have you EVER been able to acess Pope without an ID card..EVER!

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 1, 2011

    Cut 'em some slack...they only woke up a couple of years ago, they ain't too clear on the details yet. That "socialist" in the WHITE House sure has 'em as stirred-up as I've ever seen 'em. ;)

  • ProudOfMySoldier Mar 1, 2011

    thats because Pope is a "closed" base the way it should remain, we don't have the problems on Pope that Bragg does, no drive shootings, our Airmans dorms and base are quiet because there aren't tons of people gaining acess to it everyday. Now all that will change and not for the better!

    People have been able to get onto Pope after they have entered Bragg. Yes there were days that you had to show ID but there were many days that you could just drive on through via Bragg.
    They do have shootings and such on Pope, past and present just not always announced to the public. Just had one about a month ago on Pope, someone in housing shot a gun, they then did a post wide gate lock down.

  • 007KnightRider Mar 1, 2011

    Why is President Obama even mentioned on this blog? The Base Realignment was discussed and finallized in 2005. You people have nothing better to do than complain about a President who is not even assoicated with this issue. Please think before you post!

  • Pseudonym Mar 1, 2011

    Quote from campbellman: "In the future you should type your thoughts into a word document, and then delete the document."

    That made me laugh out loud. Can I use that?

  • 6079 SMITH W Mar 1, 2011

    Yeah, I knew that Obama guy from the 60's.....there was never any doubt in MY mind he would one day be the socialist radical he has become. The stuff he used to say in 1966, when he was five years old and just getting started on his radical, elitist agenda should have warned us of the dark days ahead. We all thought he was nuts when he talked about "taking over the internet one day" could we have known of the future disaster that waited for us so far ahead in our new socialist, liberal-media owned state? ;)

  • campbellman Mar 1, 2011

    Ms. Hood, I think you may be a bit bitter, and a little crazy. Perhaps instead of marrying your marine and dropping out of school you should have stayed so that the world wouldn't have to suffer through such drivel. In the future you should type your thoughts into a word document, and then delete the document.

  • Viewer Mar 1, 2011

    Has somebody forgotten to take their pills today? Now that Pope Air Force Base has become Pope Army Airfield it is only reasonable to expect changes (and less money).

  • hollylama Mar 1, 2011

    As a military brat and someone who grew up near Ft. Bragg I think this merger is great.

    Bigal...agree with you 100%. People are beeching and moaning waaaaayyyyyyy after the fact. Where was all this B&M when Bush sent 700 billion of our tax dollars to banks. NOW we're seeing the results of that short-sighted decision.

  • bigal02282 Mar 1, 2011

    I guess I must have read the wrong article. I thought this was about combining two former separate military bases. Evidently this was a political story. Glad to see our soldiers fighting for our right to beech, moan and groan.