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Perdue asks legislators to review panels

Posted January 25, 2011
Updated January 27, 2011

— Gov. Beverly Perdue is offering a long to-do list to the General Assembly, starting with boards and commissions that may have outlived their usefulness.

Perdue said Tuesday she wants the new Republican-led legislature to review 345 state panels by the end of the year and decide whether they're still necessary or if they can be terminated or adjusted.

“Working together, we can hone boards and commissions down to just those we truly need to best serve the people of this state,” Perdue said in a statement.

The Democratic governor said last month she wants the legislature to examine boards and commissions as part of her government reorganization plan.

On Tuesday, she pledged to use executive orders to set specific dates to dissolve any new boards and commissions that are deemed necessary.

More than 4,000 people are appointed to the 406 boards and commissions in North Carolina, and some two-thirds of those are supported in some way by state agencies.

Perdue held a news conference shortly after a coalition of civil rights, religious and social justice advocates met and urged the General Assembly not to support legislation that speakers said would move the state backward on issues of racial justice and education.

"Don't balance the budget on the backs of the poor," state NAACP President William Barber said at the rally. "Don't undermine equal protection under the law for every citizen, and don't slash vital programs that will keep North Carolina from moving forward."


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  • boneymaroney13 Jan 25, 2011

    The bigot Barber doesn't want his prescious "programs" cut because they they benefit who?????

  • ykm Jan 25, 2011

    Objective, commas would have been a big help. Format problem. Ya get the idea. civitas institute had the info.

  • boneymaroney13 Jan 25, 2011

    What's the matter with you WRAL? You don't like anyone telling the truth about Barber's whinning???

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 25, 2011

    Yeah, you forgot "The North Carolina Punctuation Commission" biggie, we ain't usin' it anyhow. ;)

  • boneymaroney13 Jan 25, 2011

    AMEN!!! dare107

  • 6079 SMITH W Jan 25, 2011

    I heard on the radio today that they was DEATH panels! ALL 345 of 'em! ;)

  • early exit Roy Jan 25, 2011

    Good ole Bev. These ideas were mentioned by the new incoming Republican Legislature. She and the Dems wouldn't do anything about it while they had the power. Now, since she will not be the one holding the power to appt these people it is a good idea. Isn't it amazing how smart the Dems get when they have lost power. At least the Reps have the guts to start saving our state money.

  • Objective Scientist Jan 25, 2011

    YKM - some appropriately placed commas in your "list" would have made it MUCH easier to read.

  • ykm Jan 25, 2011

    One here is a list don't know how much will make it on here.
    Board of Trustees of the North Carolina Public Employee Special Pay Plan
    Domestic Violence Commission
    Energy Policy Council
    Governor`s Advocacy Council for Persons with Disabilities
    Health Insurance Innovations Commission
    License to Give Trust Fund Commission Martin Luther King Jr. Commission NC Interpreter and Trans North Carolina Board of Public Telecommunications North Carolina Commission on Indian Affairs North Carolina Council for Women North Carolina Human Relations Commission North Carolina Internship Council North Carolina State Building Commission North Carolina State Indian Housing Authority North Carolina State Youth Advisory Council North Carolina Veterans Affairs Commission Persian Gulf War Memorial Commission Republic of Moldova and the State of North Carolina Partnership Program State Ethics Commission Budget Reform and Accountability Commission Joint Legislative Task Force on the Consolidation of Early Childho

  • one Jan 25, 2011

    Can WRAL post a list of the 345 panels and a brief description of what they do, how they are appointed, who they answer to, etc