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Democrats pressuring Ellmers on health care

Posted January 18, 2011
Updated January 19, 2011

Renee Ellmers

— Democrats in North Carolina are trying to pressure Republican U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers to support the health care overhaul that passed Congress last year.

The Democratic National Committee's Organizing for America project is holding a phone bank Tuesday to call constituents in Ellmers' district.

Republicans are looking to repeal the health care measure this week. Ellmers is a career nurse and North Carolina's newest member of Congress after ousting a Democratic incumbent in November. Her campaign message largely focused on repealing the law.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a report Tuesday that estimated 4.1 million North Carolina residents could be denied insurance coverage if the health care law is repealed because they have pre-existing health problems.

“The Affordable Care Act is stopping insurance companies from discriminating against Americans with pre-existing conditions and is giving us all more freedom and control over our health care decisions,”  Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius said in a statement.

The HHS report said up to 129 million people nationwide have pre-existing conditions that could leave them uninsured without the protections offered by the year-old law.

Ellmers is the only North Carolina member of the delegation that the Democrats are trying to sway. She issued a statement late Tuesday that the effort won't affect her vote.

"Some people might find it unusual that a politician would follow through on a pledge, but I ran for Congress on a simple platform – to cut spending, cut taxes and repeal 'Obamacare,'" she said. "With one of my first votes in the 112th Congress, I will keep my promise and vote to repeal it. No matter how much the Democrats wish to attack me for it, I am following through on a pledge that obviously resonated with the voters."


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  • dunnn Jan 19, 2011

    LOL her own district is pleading with her to not vote for Repeal, but listen people they are just doing this Repeal for show. There's way it will pass its just for show because they lied to you. Only people complaining about this is the medicare and social security receipts. I'm glad I can keep my child on my insurance until she finishes college, glad of the pre-existing clause. thankful for all the things that will help me personally. This has nothing to do with Welfare cases and that is so dumb to think so. As an health adminstrator some of you guys are just listening to the GOP talking points and arguing against your own healh care needs. i Bet not one of them is willing to give up their welfare healthcare that the gov't pays for. Stop the hate and see how the HCR is helping you

  • gunny462 Jan 19, 2011

    Should also remind everybody that this was SUPPOSE to reform HC, but can anyone show me where exactly where it helped anyone other than welfare cases? It raised our prems, exempted 100s of unions and major business' (again) and gave millions to AARP, why?

  • hcain73 Jan 19, 2011

    If she backs down from her commitment, she will not be elected again.

  • gunny462 Jan 19, 2011

    ", junyard"

    LOL Did you even read the poll or the questions?

    20. (ASKED IF OPPOSE HEALTH CARE CHANGES) Overall, do you think the new health care law (goes too far) or (does not go far enough) in changing the health care system?
    Too far Not far enough No opinion
    1/16/11 71 25 3

  • bombayrunner Jan 18, 2011

    Plenty Coups, like many Americans there is a lack of creative thinking and want the govt to think for them. Not me. I just buried my mother, she had railroad retirement ... we spent countless hours in court and medicare/medicaid lines trying to fix all their foulups. Constantly over or underpaid her.

    Through experience I'm convinced the govt can't run ANYTHING correctly. People just don't care in there. Bunch of fat slobs looking at their watch saying take a number. And you want a public option?

    I have close friends in Canada,Mexico,and England ... ALL of which agree tell me it is BAD B A D !!!! And if you get really sick, like cancer or something expensive -- typically by the time you are seen, it is too late to do anything more than the bare minimum of comfort till you pass. ALL SAID THIS!

    So, please think next time you go to the polls and vote someone in because they sound pretty but lack basic leadership skills you may have alone.

  • junkyard Jan 18, 2011

    Keepin_it_real_in_NC..."Just shows they have not intellectual answer to people like Ellmers or Palin."

    Ignorance must be bliss....

  • whatusay Jan 18, 2011

    I tried to watch some of the health care posturing on C-Span today with the democrats bringing in every sob story welfare case they could find. I understand there are some people who need help but don't punish an entire country for the sake of a few, just help those who need help. The GOP will present ideas over the next few weeks (as they were shut out of the Obama push down your throat bill) that will still protect most Americans who need help while allowing most Americans the freedom to choose. Obama Care as it is now will destroy our health care system. Doctors will not see those on medicaid, and over 1/2 of all in this program will be on medicaid. How is that better? There will be a shortage of doctors for sure because Obama Care sets their salary, which completely crumbles capitalism. The remainder of democrats will pay for their injustice to America in 2012 with another landslide GOP lop-sided election.

  • Keepin_it_real_in_NC Jan 18, 2011

    geosol, yep all you can do is call names. You call me "trolling" when I show the hypocrisy of the left. So, yes, the left has nothing to offer but fear and hate.

  • Plenty Coups Jan 18, 2011

    "My insurance went up significantly how about yours?"

    On average, it's gone up 78% since 2001 line of duty. You could blame it on the poor state of our system or you could blame it on Obamacare even though most of its effects won't happen until 2014. I do agree though, we should fix it and go to the public option.

  • geosol Jan 18, 2011

    Hang tough, Rennee, and support the Tea Party racist and fascist agenda!!! We're counting on you!