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Chinese delegation visits NC for investment pitch

Posted January 18, 2011

— China's president is making a state visit to the United States and Chinese business and government leaders are making a side visit to North Carolina as both countries aim to increase trade.

Gov. Beverly Perdue and U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan on Tuesday welcomed more than 100 Chinese entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders led by the country's vice minister of commerce to Research Triangle Park.

"Last year, when I was in China, I had the opportunity to meet with many business leaders and see many incredible sights," Perdue said. "That laid the groundwork in my mind for the urgency with which North Carolina needs to pursue these economic, social and educational relationships."

The important business is taking place outside the spotlight, as local and Chinese business leaders make connections that should make money for both sides.

The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences in RTP and the XY Group International of China have already signed a formal agreement to advance biomedical innovation, collaborate on technology, facilitate international business development and create unique training and education opportunities.

“What we’re doing today is paving the way for future development between our countries – development that may one day translate into jobs for our people," Perdue said. "That’s what it’s all about: finding opportunities to position North Carolina for job growth and better, stronger investments for our future.”

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Friday that China will likely become the largest trading partner of the United States in the next decade, replacing Canada at the top.


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  • peppercorns Jan 19, 2011

    So Bev what are the chinese going to make here in NC..??? Toys with lead??? Poisened Dog food??

  • Jan 18, 2011

    Hey Chinese people, please give me a job. Wo bu xihuan wo xianzai de gongzuo...

  • farsupply Jan 18, 2011

    In Brazil, they call a lop-sided transaction where one party benefits greatly at the expense of the other 'um negocio do China' or a "Chinese deal". I'm willing to bet Governor Perdue has never heard that expression as she chauffeurs her troop of Chinese entrepreneurs around the Triangle.

  • ajfuddermukker Jan 18, 2011

    What are they doing? Looking for more ways to take our business?

  • nighttrain2010 Jan 18, 2011

    >>Yeah, but before labor unions came about, corporations were abusing workers and paying them next to nothing

    Was just sweatshops all around wasn't it? Oh wait, no it wasn't...

    >>Besides, aren't we for "fair markets", etc?

    Not by a long shot. I'm for free markets

  • oleguy Jan 18, 2011

    The Chinese dont need to copy any thing we got going,,, They are kinda like the white men did when we checked out the west years ago,,, They own us already,,,

  • robster Jan 18, 2011

    Yeah, but before labor unions came about, corporations were abusing workers and paying them next to nothing...see how well that went...yeah, there are union abuses, as there are corporate abuses, but if corporations paid fair wages to start with there would be no need for unions, now would there? Besides, aren't we for "fair markets", etc?

  • OpenM1nd Jan 18, 2011

    Don't blame the Chinese for problems that started with greed from labor unions. If you owned a corporation with expensive production costs, you'd outsource, too -- especially if you thought you had to buy steak dinners for workers putting in more than 8 hours in a day or if you had to provide $4000 in retirement benefits per car before it even hit the assembly line. Greed comes with a cost, folks.

  • nighttrain2010 Jan 18, 2011

    >>Don't let them in your plant. They can copy anything

    LOL, like they don't have it already.

    >>I wonder how much stuff can be found in their homes made in the USA? None, because of the import tariffs

    Yep that's the answer!!! We can institute some good old fashioned high protectionist tariffs (may want to look into the causes of every major war of the past three centuries before you do though). Can I get a woohoo for mercantilism?!?

  • lkandjoan Jan 18, 2011

    Don't let them in your plant. They can copy anything and there go your jobs!
    Just look around, shop at a local store and see how much stuff comes from China. Even candy now is imported from China.I wonder how much stuff can be found in their homes made in the USA? None, because of the import tariffs. Why don't we try that? It's more money for the state and less out of our pockets.