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Robeson principal gets workers' comp after shooting

Posted December 28, 2010

— A North Carolina middle school principal who blames his shooting on his fight against gangs will receive workers' compensation for his injuries.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Tuesday that a state Industrial Commission official ruled in favor of former Robeson County principal James Hunt.

Deputy commissioner Phillip Baddour III says it was more likely than not that the shooting was connected to Hunt's anti-gang efforts.

School system lawyers had argued that taxpayers shouldn't have to pay compensation because the shooting happened while Hunt was away from school property and on his way to Fairmont Middle School.

The former Marine was hit by a shotgun blast in April 2009 by someone in a pickup truck who pulled alongside his Jeep Cherokee.

Despite a shattered mouth and nose, Hunt drove 15 miles to a hospital in Lumberton. He was treated in the emergency room at Southeastern Regional Medical Center and then airlifted to Duke University Hospital.

In a July 2009 interview, Hunt said he was convinced his shooting was school-related and possibly gang-related. Two days prior to the shooting Hunt said he held a “Stop the Violence” rally at his school.

“I told all the students, I said, ‘If you’re in a gang and they’re telling you you can’t get out, you come to me,’” Hunt said.


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  • helpjhteam Dec 30, 2010

    We have been following the case from the beginning. There is a wealth of information that has not been mentioned that we are aware of. For instance, did you know that a parent went to Principal Hunt's school central office and told "someone" (we know who) there that he was going to kill Principal Hunt? The person later told investigators that the incident never took place. This is a verifiable fact. Sounds like the school system has a lot more to lose here in this case than workers compensation. Also, did you know that one of the sitting asst. superintendents at the time of the incident left the county and was soon relieved of his duties as a superintendent from a different county under more than questionable circumstances? Sounds to me like what is going on here is a case of "throw the man under the bus" and try to make it look like he jumped out in front of it. You are wrong PSRC for doing Principal Hunt like this. Your corruption and deceit will be revealed sooner or later!

  • the people Dec 30, 2010

    Can we say no compassion,who would work with them????

  • the people Dec 30, 2010

    School fights him being paid; imagine that;no way ;compassion,can we say commpassion,who would want to work for such uneducated system???? Re markable!!!!!???

  • the people Dec 30, 2010

    Can not solve case in Robeson County,hmmmmmm; we heard this before... No body talking...In Robeson,who has he steeped on????

  • helpjhteam Dec 29, 2010

    Before people start making uninformed posts please read the public record of the trial and award by the North Carolina Industrial Commission. You will find access to this document @

  • helpjhteam Dec 29, 2010

    By the way, if you want a site that contains all of the latest information pertaining tothis case then go to This article and all the previous articles including those that you probably have never seen are located there.

  • helpjhteam Dec 29, 2010

    I have been following this story from the beginning. It appears that there is an effort to deny this man any relief. Sounds like there are some big wheels involved here that are getting some favors paid back to them. How else could such a high profile case continue to go unsolved and unsettled by workers compensation? Something is definitely not right here. This man should have been taken care of from the beginning. This case should be looked into by the governor's office!!

  • oleguy Dec 28, 2010

    He needs compensation from some where, Its only money folks and the state has just tons of it, If it dont snow again,,,
    But hay workmans comp only pays at most 67% of his salary

  • Karmageddon Dec 28, 2010

    I'm sorry he got shot but he shouldn't get workers comp for it. Rules are made for a reason. If you bend them for one person where do you stop? For all anyone knows it could have been a jealous husband who shot the guy. You have to have proof that it was work related.

  • GLOCKMASTER Dec 28, 2010

    I think they made the wrong decision and it shouldn't be a workers comp claim. Sounds like it has never been proved who or why it was done so how can they say for sure who did it. But the story sure sounds good.