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Hackney to continue as leader of House Democrats

Posted December 21, 2010

— North Carolina House Democrats appear comfortable to be led by outgoing Speaker Joe Hackney for another two years, despite losing control of the chamber under his watch.

Democrats elected to the House last month met privately Tuesday at the Legislative Building and elected Hackney as minority leader. He was the only announced candidate for the job.

Hackney served as speaker the past four years but is on his way out of the post because Republicans won 68 of the 120 seats on Election Day. The Orange County Democrat has attributed the electoral losses to a national wave that swept in Republicans.

The Democrats' priorities for the coming legislative session will be to support quality education, job creation and fair redistricting, Hackney said.

“We know what kind of North Carolina the people of this state have come to expect,” he said in a statement. “They want us to protect education at all levels. They want us to protect investment in job creation programs, and they want a chance to fairly elect the people who represent them.

“We will join with Republicans when they are on the right path, but we will vigorously oppose any efforts to undermine progress in these areas,” he said.

House Democrats will a minority whip at a later date.

The General Assembly reconvenes Jan. 26.


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  • dmarion2 Dec 22, 2010

    Mr. Hackney's ideas regarding “protection” must be some kind of racket. Many of us in Orange County have not forgotten how he failed to protect his own constituency two years ago from being almost run over by the NC General Assembly and UNC-Chapel Hill when UNC wanted another airport all its own. Mr. Hackney did very little to help that situation. Simply because they wanted it, the General Assembly granted UNC the right to form an airport authority in Orange Co and to appoint a majority of its members - even though UNC represents less than 30% of the operations at Horace Williams and no other significant groups of people in Orange Co were asking for or supporting a new airport. Even though Chancellor Thorp publically announced that UNC would not pursue the issue at that time, the session law that gave them the "authority" remains on the books. The whole issue was a travesty and a failure of "representative" government - and Mr. Hackney was conspicuous for his lack of leadershi

  • cwood3 Dec 22, 2010

    Youcanhandle- because the voters spoke -in a real positive way.
    I'm glad the re-elected Joe Hackney. His leadership helped the Dems. loose in November. Maybe, he can help them loose even more in 2012.
    Then, we can really change the culture in Raleigh. We can treat people fairly and honestly unlike the way things have been done in the past.

  • YoucanthandletheTRUTH Dec 21, 2010

    Why does it have to be a minority? Just kidding...haha