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Authorities: Fake doctor tries again, leaves N.C.

Posted December 2, 2010

— North Carolina authorities say a man on probation after pleading guilty to impersonating a doctor has struck again and vanished.

The Fayetteville Observer reported Thursday that Department of Correction spokesman Keith Acree said investigators think Daniel Ray Stewart, 24, has gone to Tennessee.

Police say Ray posed as a doctor at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville for about three weeks. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of practicing medicine without a license on Nov. 8 and was sentenced to a years' probation.

He is listed as an absconder from probation by the DOC.

Probation documents show Stewart told a taxi service on Thanksgiving Day that he was a doctor and needed a patient to be taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tenn. The taxi operator became suspicious and didn't make the trip.

Probation officials think Stewart broke off the electronic ankle bracelet.


Information from: The Fayetteville Observer


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  • wayneboyd Dec 3, 2010 answered your own question in your post, read it again, The man did not have a license to practice medicine, therefore he fell under no restrictions placed upon a person that does posess one. The fine for practicing medicine without a license is misdemeanor.
    Now if during that time he had caused injury to any patient which he treated he would have been held responsible under criminal law, since none of his patients suffered no mistreatment under his practice he committed no crime. "Where there is no victim, there is no crime."

  • spidermunkee Dec 3, 2010

    Police say Ray posed as a doctor at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in Fayetteville for about three weeks. He pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of practicing medicine without a license on Nov. 8 and was sentenced to a years' probation. TELL ME PLEASE **** How is this a misdemeanor****

  • mulecitybabe Dec 2, 2010

    On a related note, when I was working (yes WORKING lol) at Dorothea Dix Hospital about 15 years ago, there was a resident there that supposedly graduated from Harvard Medical School. Instead of asking why a Harvard grad would want to work at Dix, the administrators were just so blown away by his credentials that they didn't bother to check them out. Long story short, he worked there about 6 months before he was found out. Of course, he took off. They found him a few months later on Broadway, starring in a play. No joke, true story. He had no medical training whatsoever, but was a pretty smart, although probably slightly deranged, man.

  • DiamonDiva813 Dec 2, 2010

    ok so... "Probation officials THINK...Stewart broke off the electronic ankle bracelet"??? SO IS THAT NOT OBVIOUS???? Im confused on how a corner drug dealer gets 25 to life for hustling marijuana but a person who kills or has the potential to kill get a misdemeanor? He should have been charged with something else harder for the potential risk of killing other people while impersonating a doctor?! SERIOUSLY???

  • wayneboyd Dec 2, 2010

    This is gonna kill you busyb. I can't really say, I don't know how the guy looks in scrubs, but I think I would make my decision based on whether I was having a cardiac arrest or was suffering from an erection lasting more than five hours.

  • busyb97 Dec 2, 2010

    wayneboyd- THe guys is 24 yrs old. He's not old enough to have gotten through pre-med, med school, etc. He'd barely be old enough to be a first or second year resident if I'm not mistaken. If he walked into YOUR hospital room in scrubs right now, would YOU want him there? Doubt it.

  • emtp2k Dec 2, 2010

    Maybe we should ask why Cape Fear Valley didn't do a better background check and who else they may have practicing there that doesn't have a license.

  • serious Dec 2, 2010

    wayneboyd you are delirious. That's why we are a land that is governed by laws and regulations. And the law says you must have a license in order to practice medicine. Plain and simple. If you dont' like it, MOVE! and take Billy Ray or whatever his name is with you. Ok so there are some doctors out there who do not deserve to have a license, not disputing that, but they are few and far between, and that doesn't mean that we should just let any old nut case walk into a hospital and throw on a pair of scribs and consider himself a doctor. Most doctors are excellent at what they do. The point that you are trying to make is that anyone can walk into a hospital grab some scrubs and just start treating anyone and heck they dont even have to consult with the hospital, they can just rnadomly walk in and put themselves to work. That doesn't even make any sense so I'm done discussing it.

  • RB-1 Dec 2, 2010

    Wayne - Whether one is more qualified if one has a license or not is a moot point.

    A license is required by law. One either follows the law or one does not.

    If they don't follow the law, I don't want them caring for me.

  • RB-1 Dec 2, 2010

    I don't understand how this can be a misdemeanor. The decisions he made could have taken a human life, just because it didn't shouldn't make it a lesser crime.