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190-proof alcohol leaving state liquor store shelves

Posted November 30, 2010

— North Carolina's liquor stores will stop selling 95 percent pure grain alcohol out of concern the product can be abused by students with dangerous results.

The state Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission told local ABC boards in a memo it's ending the distribution of the pure grain alcohol to more than 400 stores statewide starting Wednesday. A state ABC spokeswoman said Tuesday the decision means four products of 190-proof alcohol won't be kept at the state-run warehouse anymore.

WCNC-TV in Charlotte first reported the change after the Mecklenburg County ABC Board found much of the pure grain alcohol was being sold at stores close to college campuses. Mecklenburg board chief executive Paul Stroup calls the product dangerous, with no redeeming social value.

"The ABC Commission has long been concerned that young adults drinking nearly pure alcohol are especially vulnerable to alcohol poisoning," Jon Williams, chairman of the state commission, said in a statement. "The state is pleased to have the cooperation of the distillers in removing these products from our market and wants to also recognize the leadership efforts of Mecklenburg County ABC in restricting access at the retail sales level of 190-proof alcohol."

The highest proof liquors that will be sold at ABC stores will be 151-proof Everclear, officials said.


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  • mulecitybabe Nov 30, 2010

    casoucie - Some people who have never smoked anything die of throat cancer, and all kinds of other cancer. It increases your chances if you smoke, but there is no absolute link. Still, I'm sorry for your relative. I guess the real irony is that he will need weed to cut the nausea from chemo.

  • casoucie Nov 30, 2010

    To The10mmcure, I have a family member who is 54 years old
    dying of throat cancer and he never smoked anything but pot.
    So it does kill.

  • rargos Nov 30, 2010

    Let me see : we're banning a certain type of alcohol because it's "dangerous to students." How about banning Malt liquor because it's "dangerous to blacks" or Manischewitz because it's "dangerous to Jews"?

    Why not ban all alcohol? That would save LOTS of lives.

    The death of personal responsibility inevitably leads to the death of liberty.

  • imdicktrickle Nov 30, 2010

    If this is all that we have to be concerned about, times are good.

  • 3779LRRP Nov 30, 2010

    Whoops! Sorry bobbythreesticks. Waste it is.

  • ImtheBadGuy Nov 30, 2010

    So they're finally getting around to banning Everclear and such.I'm against banning it for the same reasons I've read stated by others. But this is always been my argument for legallizing pot.

    You can't smoke enough pot to kill you. I won't even debate anyone on that,but if you drink enough of this stuff you WILL DIE! No matter who you are, college student or middle aged adult, ANY hard liquore in the right amount will kill you.

    It's just a fact. John Bonham, Bon Scott, there's alot more I can't name right now, but you get the point. Most people vommit before they get to that point, but some for whatever reason poison themselves.

    IF anybody has ever died from smoking pot,it was such a freak happening that it wasn't considered noteworthy.And please,I'm asking nicely, please don't inform me of some study done somewhere about people smoking reefer and wrecking their car.

    Drunks kill people on the road at a much higher rate,making that a pointless arguement to me IMO.

  • timbo10.0 Nov 30, 2010

    Great. Now I gotta go back to making my own.

  • bobbythreesticks Nov 30, 2010

    pedwards8, food for thought. Waste.

  • topkat1258two Nov 30, 2010

    I know that nobody really cares about 190 proof being on the shelves. But taking them off is still a big deal. Here's why: the government is taking away your freedom of choice to buy this product. If we don't stop little things like this, who knows what will be taken off next. It is a citizen's responsiblity, even as an 18 year-old ADULT, to drink responsibly or face consequences. It is not the government's job to make sure we don't get alcohol poisoning. All the government is supposed to do is require the label to be accurate so we know what we're drinking...readme

    My sentiments exactly! The only problem I see, where are the news stories BEFORE these things take effect? Today is Tuesday and this begins Wednesday. I'm sure the decision was not just made yesterday, it's bound to have been in the works for awhile yet we are just hearing about it.

  • 3779LRRP Nov 30, 2010

    Just another measure to try to stop people from consuming alcohol. It will not work. What a waist of mindless energy to censure certain octanes of booze.