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Ellmers in D.C. for House orientation

Posted November 16, 2010

— Renee Ellmers is joining newly elected lawmakers at Capitol Hill this week for orientation, even though a recount looms in North Carolina’s Second Congressional District race.

The events, put together by the Committee on House Administration, include sessions on setting up a congressional office, ethics and code of conduct and legal issues related to service in Congress.

“It has been packed with information, and it's so exciting,” Ellmers said Tuesday. “We are meeting so many new people – all of my new freshman class and all of my leadership. Everyone is excited about going to work and learning the process.”

Ellmers, a career nurse endorsed by former U.S. vice presidential candidate and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is among a majority Republican freshman class trying to get their footing and the lay of the capital landscape.

Renee Ellmers Ellmers readies to represent Second District

She says she and her fellow newly elected House members are not in D.C. this week to just listen and learn.

“Everybody is on the same page,” Ellmers said. “Everybody knows that the American people have elected this freshman class to go to Washington and change what's going wrong there.”

The congressional hopeful still faces a recount with seven-term Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge. She beat him in this month’s general election by1,489 votes.

She says that so far, the recount has cost the campaign about $40,000 in legal fees and that it could eventually cost about $250,000, depending on what happens Nov. 23, when the race is certified.

Etheridge, meanwhile, released a statement Tuesday, saying he is already back at work for Congress’ lame-duck session, which started Monday.

"We still have business to take care of, and I'm going to be here working to take care of that business for the people I represent until this Congress adjourns."


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  • IG_Drakula Nov 19, 2010

    g'bye Etheridge - wish I could say it's been a pleasure, but, it hasn't

    don't let the door hit you on the way out

  • IndependentAmerican Nov 19, 2010

    ... seven-term Democratic Rep. Bob Etheridge.? Anyone in favor of term limits? Time for Bob to go back to (real) work.

  • IndependentAmerican Nov 19, 2010

    c'mon Juncyard, she isn't officially in congress yet.

  • Juncyard Nov 18, 2010

    Elmers went to DC instead of New York to stop the Islamic Victory Mosque...she has already broken her campaign promises!!!

  • 6079 SMITH W Nov 17, 2010

    CLARIFICATION SQUAD: Just a brief notation to remind the latecomers (and welcome) that the new Mama Grizzly ain't from around here....she moved here from Michigan. So don't blame us North Carolina natives for that gene splice, if you please. ;)

  • The Fox Nov 17, 2010

    ratherbnwpb - I'd rather you be in West Palm Beach too!
    Waa waa.

  • ratherbnwpb Nov 17, 2010

    Renee-do it right. Take care of your constituants. I was pleased to vote for you.

    Maybe she can teach you how to spell "constituents".

  • ratherbnwpb Nov 17, 2010

    After watching her on Anderson Cooper, I think she is the Sarah Palin of the south. And not in a good way. Leaders don't just cater to public prejudices and tell the people what they want to hear. But unfortunately we've elected another Stepford Congresswoman who will tow the party line. Elizabeth Dole would be proud.

    You got that one right!

  • ratherbnwpb Nov 17, 2010

    Based on what? Or is it that you boy didnt get re elected?

    This is the beginning of bringing down the good ole boys network!!!

    Actually, it doesnt bother me one bit. I dont live in Bob's District. My BOY got re-elected!

  • NCPictures Nov 17, 2010

    "A breath of hot air is more like it!" ----ratherbnwpb

    Based on what? Or is it that you boy didnt get re elected?

    This is the beginning of bringing down the good ole boys network!!!