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Officials honor veterans with words, deeds

Posted November 11, 2010

— Elected officials in North Carolina and around the nation honored retired members of the armed forces on Veterans Day through speeches and service.

Gov. Beverly Perdue spoke Thursday morning at the North Carolina State Veterans Home in Fayetteville.

"This community has wrapped their arms around all of you," Perdue told the dozens of veterans attending the ceremony. “Fayetteville and Fort Bragg have figured out how to do a masterful job of (taking care of veterans).“

The 150-bed veterans home is one of two operated by the state – the other is in Salisbury – and is located next to the VA Medical Center in Fayetteville. The governor said she wants the state to build two more veterans homes – one in Asheville and one in Kinston.

"I believe so fundamentally that people who have given their service and parts of their lives – their families – to the people of America and the people of North Carolina deserve a marvelous, marvelous place where they can get the best physical, mental and social care possible," she said.

The veterans who attended the ceremony, which included a wreath-laying, said they appreciate having a place where they can be with their comrades.

Fayetteville officials already are looking toward Veterans Day 2011, announcing a series of events to honor Vietnam veterans.

Veterans Day in Fayetteville Officials honor veterans with words, deeds

Mayor Tony Chavonne said the 10-day Heroes Homecoming event would promote understanding and celebration of the Vietnam era in Fayetteville's history. Hundreds of thousands of soldiers passed through Fort Bragg on their way to fight in Southeast Asia.

Elsewhere across North Carolina, 13th District Congressman Brad Miller volunteered with American Legion Auxiliary members, Boy Scouts and others who made repairs and performed yard work at the home of a Marine veteran in eastern Wake County.

In Raleigh, Army, Navy, Marine and Air Force ROTC members from North Carolina State University ran to the school's Bell Tower early Thursday during one of the oldest Veterans Day activities in the nation.

After the run, residents of Compiegne, France, presented a wreath to Raleigh leaders to honor the 35 N.C. State students and staff who died in World War I.

Compiegne became Raleigh's Sister City more than 20 years ago. A wreath given by the Sister Cities Association of Raleigh will be presented during a ceremony in Compiegne.


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  • bigal02282 Nov 12, 2010

    Thank you Dad. You and your generation were the greatest this nation has ever seen. To all WW II Vets, thank you for your sacrifices. They will always be remembered!

  • Lily Nov 12, 2010

    Thank you, veterans. I appreciate all of your services to our country. I'm proud of all of you.

  • anne53ozzy Nov 12, 2010

    Primary religion in Korea is Buddhism, followed by Protestantism and Catholicism. Hokiedokie....Please do not post things that will lead to more incorrect and racist attitudes toward a population that has assimilated into this country and contributed for decades in many ways both here and abroad.

  • anne53ozzy Nov 12, 2010

    UNCG4Tarheels: You are not a vet. These brave men and women are strong and disciplined enough to understand the big picture and the responsiblities they assume without playing the partisan politic gamesmanship you espouse as they lose their lives health or limbs. Muslims serve in the military. There was a time when blacks, Catholics, Jews, women, and so on served under tremendous duress but honored their roles as soldiers in spite of the ignorance of some of those they were protecting. Gay men and women still do this. Shame on you for your armchair assessment. My father, grandfather and aunt served honorably as officers in the US Army. Perhaps you should put your behind where your mouth is.

  • ThinkChick Nov 12, 2010

    If Abu Hussein aka BHO, keeps getting his way, then we will have more in harms way. Two sides of his Indonesian mission. Read and decide.

  • ger Nov 11, 2010

    where is mr Boehner today......typical socialist, elistist

  • ger Nov 11, 2010

    some of you say Obama stands against the military.....r u serious, how about sending soldiers to die based on a lie.....GWBush. at least Pres Obama doesnt want our troops to die in a place that had nothing to do with 9/11. OMG you folks are delirious

  • pclong2214 Nov 11, 2010

    thanks to all vets. remember freedom isn't free. we are greatful for your sacrifices.

  • GWALLY Nov 11, 2010

    ..."I wonder if G Dubbya sobered up enough to know it was Veterans Day?" ----- The Great Humungous..."

    Way to go get the humongous "---- ---" award...go on over to Ft. Bragg main gate and tell them you are there to pick up your humongous award...!!!!

  • Humungous Nov 11, 2010

    Wow! you GOP'ers sure are sensitive. You see, it's all about perspective. From where I sit, he increased thr national deficit a million fold +.

    So, you went to Iraq? Well I did, so hat gives me every right to complain. I spend every waking minute trying to find a bonafide reason to forgive him of his crimes against humanity. It just ain't coming to me. GEt a life!

    My work here is done.