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Police seek medical records for missing Hickory girl

Posted October 19, 2010

— Investigators searching for a missing 10-year-old have asked for medical records from her native Australia, including details on the prosthesis the girl received after losing a leg to bone cancer.

Detectives are seeking details from the Australian medical facility that fitted Zahra Clare Baker with her artificial leg, including its model type, serial number, and material, Hickory Deputy Police Chief Major Clyde Deal said Tuesday.

Deal declined to say if investigators have also sought dental records, which are often used to identify a body. Authorities have said they think the missing girl is dead.

Zahra lived in Australia with her father, Adam Baker, until he met his wife online and moved to North Carolina.

The girl was reported missing Oct. 9. Her stepmother, Elisa Baker, 42, has been charged with obstruction of justice. She is accused of writing a fake ransom note left outside their home in Hickory, about 50 miles northwest of Charlotte.

The girl could have been missing two weeks before she was reported missing, police said.

Teams continued searching small, targeted areas for clues Tuesday, and detectives were keeping up a list of interviews of people who might have information about the case, Deal said.

Investigators were keeping Zahra’s biological mother in Australia updated on developments, Deal said. Adam Baker, 33, has continued to cooperate with investigators, Deal said. Authorities say they have not ruled him out as a suspect in the disappearance.

“If we ask him to be here, he’s showing up where we ask him to be,” Deal said.

Baker said in an interview Friday with The Associated Press he wants to find Zahra and take her back to Australia if she wants to go.


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  • common_sense_plz Oct 20, 2010

    Where was this father when the girl was being abused!!!!! He had to have known something was wrong in the home. And if this child was missing 2 weeks prior to someone reporting her missing, again where was he and was he questioning the step-mother. Things just are not adding up here.

  • MudLife Oct 19, 2010

    Brittney B. states in the video above that when she had Zahra on the weekends the little girl kept screaming she didnt want to go back home. How can you do this to a child? When you know the situation. You should have let her stayed. It doesn't look like the family would've cared either way if she came home. I just hope if she has kids that she keeps them out of harms way and does something if her kids are abused.

  • Adelinthe Oct 19, 2010

    J. Melton - "biological mother left when she was a baby. Adam Baker raised her after that with help from his parents."

    So the father has said.

    What if that's not the truth.

    God bless.


  • MudLife Oct 19, 2010

    "biological mother left when she was a baby. Adam Baker raised her after that with help from his parents."

  • MudLife Oct 19, 2010

    "cold hands warm heart" in the article WRAL posted bout girl happy life in Austraila says her biological mom gave her to her dad when she was a baby and that NC has been in contact with family in Austraila. I'll post the link hold on.

  • cold hands warm heart Oct 19, 2010

    I have been following this story here on TV and on Nancy Grace. I have yet to hear anything about the biological mother. Have I missed something?

  • lovesanimals Oct 19, 2010

    I too would have taken this precious child. I am just so angry with the step-mother, father and CPS. It breaks my heart to know that this child never felt loved. And, she was a two time cancer survivor... she had been through enough just because of that. I wish I could have helped her. God Bless you Zahra.

  • GiGi 2 Oct 19, 2010

    So sad...all she needed was love and attention. Breaks my heart...she had so much to give...sounds as if nobody wanted her blessings. So sad...

  • MudLife Oct 19, 2010

    i hope she will be found alive. I'm hoping that her crazy step mother has her somewhere alive and when she's ready to tell where Zahra is then she'll try to sue everybody for locking her up and saying she killed Zahra so she can get money. But I don't know. I just don't see how you can kill a child let alone anyone. Especially this little girl. It's sad that in this world there's women that can't have children and if parents don't want their children give them up for an adoption don't kill them. Theres good people out there they want and deserve children, and will love them and not abuse or mistreat them.

  • doubletrouble Oct 19, 2010

    I check for this story daily, so see if there has been any break in the case. It just breaks my heart. I too pray she will be found alive, but, I seriously doubt it, with all the circumstances that surround this ordeal. Step-Mom admitted to writing the ransom note, she was charged with obstructing justice, then she calls for a lawyer. I think she knows the gig is about to be up and will try to cop a deal with the DA, the closer the cops get. The father, well, that's a hard call. I can't believe he didn't have a clue his child was being abused, and possible he was an abuser himself, we may never know.