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Troxler wants feds to tackle bedbug resurgence

Posted September 28, 2010

— One North Carolina official is calling in the cavalry in the fight against blood-sucking bedbugs.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler is calling on the federal Environmental Protection Agency to fast-track pesticides for use against the creatures.

“Currently, there is no really effective treatment for bedbugs,” Troxler said in a statement. “I’ve heard reports of people dangerously misusing household bug sprays to try and get rid of these blood-suckers.”

DDT nearly wiped out the pests 50 years ago but is no longer used in the U.S. Other pesticides have been less effective.

James Burnette Jr., director of the Structural Pest Control and Pesticides Division of the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, said heat treatments and fumigation performed by licensed pest management professionals may provide relief but are generally expensive and give no residual control of the insects.

Last year, Ohio officials asked for the approval of a new kind of pesticide for use in homes against bedbugs, but the EPA has not yet given its permission.

In the last two months, bedbug infestations have been found on three university campuses in North Carolina and in a barracks room at Camp Lejeune.


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  • oleguy Sep 30, 2010

    I like you Steve, but you should have left this one alone,,, The Gov. could not stop fire ants, and watched them for 20 years headed north.
    Bed bugs are already here,,,,

  • RMC10 Sep 29, 2010

    If you do travel look up your hotel on www.bedbugregistry and check out a product called bug Zip when traveling, keep your contents in these plastic bags and also keep your suitcase in a large securely zipped product. When you get home, leave everything outside in garage, wash what you can in hot water, freeze items that cannot be washed for 2 weeks in those plastic bags. Spray suitcases with any good bug spray, we like Bayer Home. Throw the plastic bags away in outside trash - do not resuse, do not keep traveled contents in those bags. And bring back DDT Mr. Troxler. Even a good downtown expensive NY hotel has been invaded. There is a proud message on WCPSS website they use "green" pesticides in schools - hooray we had lice 4 times in one year from school and Y camp. Spray ungreen better for me.

  • WXYZ Sep 29, 2010

    Denise sees the fleece, Denise sees the fleas.
    At least Denise could sneeze and feed and freeze the fleas. The big black bug, bled black blood. Out, [censored] spot! out, I say!—One; two: why, then
    'tis time to do't. Sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite--if they do, get a shoe and beat them 'til they are black and blue!

  • rdcress Sep 29, 2010

    The outright banning of DDT has allowed the deaths of millions per year in third-world nations - of course the U.N. advocates the continued ban as part of their population control. (this is from a quoted statement by a U.N. official issued shortly after the ban - google is a wonderful tool). The studies leading to the ban have since been discredited due to the inclusion of arsenic in the test feed. The legitimate environmental impact that was problematic was because of over-use and mis-use. The ban is a result of the same mentality as banning guns because of mis-use by a few. No doubt, the government will throw billions into a chemical company to develop a new and improved pesticide that will have dire consequences down the road. DDT was used for many years directly on humans and animals with no proven detrimental effect. Maybe it's time to bring it back for limited use. A little common sense please!

  • itsnews2me Sep 28, 2010

    I hear not making the bed is a good way to keep them away (again,the sunlight thing) so I figure I'm way ahead of the game in that aspect.

    re: "Diatomaceous Earth" - thanks, I think I've just found the name for our new band...

  • Zworks Sep 28, 2010

    EPA overreacted when they totally banned DDT. The indiscriminate use of DDT in the environment had horrendous consequences but limited, specific uses such as Troxler has requested pose no real threat to the environment or to humans. Millions of people have been deloused without lasting effect thus preventing lice borne diseases.

  • Conservative Sep 28, 2010

    "an infestation of bed bugs just might get heads out of the clouds!!!"

    Is that where the heads were? I thought it was somewhere else where the Sun doesn't shine!

  • Conservative Sep 28, 2010

    "I thought Republicans (Troxler's Party) want small government."

    Sure, if we can use the DDT in some controlled way there is no need to add an extra penny to the govt. exoenditure. People (consumers) will buy their own stuff and apply it (just like we use other over the counter pest control products).

  • BlahBlahBlahBlahBlah Sep 28, 2010

    Commissioner Troxler
    Agree with hpr641

    Thank you very much!

  • cwood3 Sep 28, 2010

    When State government asked beaurocracy 101-EPA for help-we're in deep, deep trouble. That being said, get DDT out of your vocabulary. That's nasty stuff-that will kill you as well as the bugs. PICK YOUR POISON.