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Jurors cry as they hear shooting of state trooper

Posted September 10, 2010

— Jurors in the trial of a Florida man charged with killing a North Carolina state trooper cried when they heard a recording of the trooper’s screams when he was shot.

Multiple media outlets reported that jurors in the case of Edwardo Wong Jr. of Ormond Beach, Fla., watched a visual recording from the trooper’s patrol car camera and heard audio of the shooting Thursday.

Wong is charged with first-degree murder in the June 17, 2008, death of Trooper David Shawn Blanton Jr., 24, who was killed during a traffic stop on Interstate 40 near Canton.

Blanton was shot outside the view of the patrol car camera, but he was wearing a microphone. He’s heard pleading with the man not to shoot him again because he has a wife and child.

The Asheville Citizen-Times reports that trucker Gary Bowes, of Pensacola, Fla., testified Friday that he used his rig to force Wong off the road. Bowes said that as Wong drove away from the scene of the shooting, he pulled his truck onto the shoulder, forcing Wong off an exit ramp to an intersection and onto a dead-end road.

Bowes said that he stayed with Blanton and called 911 but believes he didn’t do enough to help.

Blanton was a native of Sylva and a two-year veteran of the patrol. He was married and had a premature, newborn son, who died of heart complications four months after his father.

Records from the Florida Department of Corrections indicate Wong has 19 criminal convictions dating to 1996 and was incarcerated in Florida from 1998 to 2005.


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  • Tarheelfan13 Sep 15, 2010

    I hate to bring this up but in all technicality jurors are supposed to be "fact finders" and not be emotional. As human beings and not robots it is only human nature to react emotionally by crying at the act this coward perpetuated. But understand that the jurors crying can only lead to solid grounds for appeal upon probable conviction. Obviously, the evidence is against the defendant to where he will likely never be acquitted in any trial but the jury showing emotions can only tie up the case in complicated appeals. Folks, no matter how cowardly or henious a crime a person perpetrates they are still guaranteed the right to a jury of fact finding and not an emotional jury before both sides rest their argument.

  • mycatbubba Sep 15, 2010

    This poor mother and wife. Tragic doesn't even begin to describe her life.

  • rcrdngcountry Sep 15, 2010

    put the death penilty to work but don't use a needle.let him beg.

  • tafiliclan1 Sep 10, 2010

    Thank you Trooper for being on the front line till the end. May the Good Lord look after your soul mate and mend her broken heart for double sad news. As for you Mr. Wong, be glad it's not the OLD Western and count your blessing that you are not in the middle east. Because your HEAD will roll.......

  • rcmonster1 Sep 10, 2010

    Also for those of you who care google Officer Down and go to their web site and see how many have died for their communities this year.

  • rcmonster1 Sep 10, 2010

    There was a true hero here Mr. Bowles the man who made the choice to help rather than to run and look the other way. The Trooper Mr Blanton was and is still a Hero. It is sad people have to give their life for those in our society that dont care and dont feel that the person taking the life should die. That is why Trooper Blanton, and other fallen Officers across our country give their lives almost daily. To protect their families your familes and even the families of those who do not respect them or what they do. LEO-NC you have friend here, we are a family and our family will take care of those who hate us and disrepect us because that is what we do.
    My sympathy to mrs. Blanton for both her loses.

    I also hope the suspect in this case gets the death penalty and his execution is carried our swiftly!

  • Lickad Sep 10, 2010

    The long awaited answer: The DA needs to stick to the facts and not bring any TV drama into the courtroom... it only prolongs trials and makes for an overall barfy trial. Do your job, nothing less, nothing more. Playing with emotions can backfire on you.

  • sandhillsk9 Sep 10, 2010

    He should be dead belong; but in DOC he is a Hero!
    I got some .45 left over and will donate them!

  • working for deadbeats Sep 10, 2010

    The electric chair was last used at central prison in 2000. That would still be to humane for this guy.

    Somewhere a liberal cries for the suspect and how the system has wronged him.

  • didisaythat Sep 10, 2010

    OGE there are people on this Earth that do deserve to die. Do you let a person kill another so you can live by your feeling all warm inside, no one deserves to die mentallity. So you would not try to stop a person that was killing your loved one. You would let your loved one be killed. I am sorry you do not live in the fantasy world that is in your head. This can be a very ugly world and people die. Thank God for troopers and Deputies and Police Officers, military and all others that have the courage to face evil everyday and accept the ultimate sacrafice so the civil and just can try and make the world better.