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AG's office evacuated after bomb threat call

Posted September 9, 2010

— Authorities evacuated the North Carolina Attorney General's Office Thursday morning after someone called in a bomb threat.

North Carolina Department of Crime Control and Public Safety spokeswoman Patty McQuillan said the threat came in around 10 a.m., prompting authorities to empty the building and block nearby streets.

Edenton and Salisbury streets were blocked off for more than two hours. They reopened by 12:30 p.m.

The caller indicated that the bomb was set to go off within three hours of the 10 a.m. call, State Capitol Police Chief Scott Hunter said.

Hunter's officers used a bomb-sniffing dog to search the building, and he said they found no explosive devices.

The approximately 400 people who work in the building were allowed to go back inside at about 1 p.m.


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  • kaw7577w Sep 9, 2010

    I find it very sad that you people sit there and pretend to be judge and jury. You obviously have no idea what the people in the AG's office do for you and your families. Sure there are people who don't do what is expected of them, but isn't that true in any work place? The people who did what they did in the SBI will most certainly have to face what they have coming to them. But to sit and judge State Employees as a whole? Who made you God? To sit there and put everybody in the same catagory? How would you feel if the very people you work so hard for did that to you? And as far as the bomb threat? What is if wasn't a hoax? What if your loved one worked in that building? Would you be so quick to run you mouth then? Would you call them on their cell phone and tell them to get back to work, that they were over-reacting? I think not. Take a minute and think before you speak. And by the way...Republicans, Democrats & Liberals work in that building.

  • pbjbeach Sep 9, 2010

    State government just needs to find some more places to pi-- away more taxpayers dollars thru abuse waste fraud an mis-mangament. i know lets let a contract for a new d.o.j . building in downtown Raleigh. HA HA HA HA HA STATE GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME THE LAUGHING STOCK OF THE ENTIRE STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IF YOU ASK ME

  • pbjbeach Sep 9, 2010


    from the looks of it it has got to have a dunegon somewhere on the property probably in the basement somewhere they just probably use it for all of the bad little state employees that they need to put in time out corners. for state governme has gotten to the point that it treats it's employees like a bunch of little children with all of their mangament oversight an micro-mangament these day employee surely arent treated as adult people out working every day an trying to do their jobs but cant for the political oversight an micro mangament that takes place in state government these days thank you

  • tsquaring Sep 9, 2010

    I bet the SBI Crime Lab already has evidence against any named suspect ready to go!

  • Peace Love and Cold Meds Sep 9, 2010

    "they found no explosive devices"

    they never do. these are like Silver alerts.

  • XLAW Sep 9, 2010

    Deadhead, it's the old Department of Education Building which was renovated for the DOJ. Originally the DOJ was in the Justice Building on Capital Square which it shared with the Supreme Court of North Carolina.

  • trianglerelic Sep 9, 2010

    Do called in bomb threats ever turn out to be real???
    It seems to me that a group wishing to wage terrror would wait until after a bomb went off to call it in...... And probably set off a second device when police, fire and EMS arrive to help the injured... Calling a threat in before the fact shows that they aren't serious. But what do I know, just my own personal theory...

  • Garnerwolf1 Sep 9, 2010

    "the state needs to spruce it up a little" And if they did, someone would complain about spending the money. I haven't read them all, but would be surprised if there are not some posts about the state workers goofing off because of this - there usually are,

  • Pseudonym Sep 9, 2010


    Why do you want to make a story about a bomb threat against state employees into a political issue? Are Republicans REALLY that threatening to you? Or is your head really that far up your politics?

  • dwntwnboy Sep 9, 2010

    Concreteman- you are right, the IRA is the ONE terror organization that did call in bombs. The MAJORITY of terrorists- see Tim McVeigh, AlQueda etc do not call in threats. The IRA was only dangerous to the British- they have no beef with us so I didn't consider them in my statement, but I stand by my original statement that bomb threats are usually (with IRA exception) just that, empty threats.