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Big Rock mate didn't know he needed N.C. fishing license

Posted June 24, 2010

— Acrew member whose lack of a fishing license cost a boat more than $900,000 in winnings in a North Carolina tournament says he was never told that he needed one.

The Daily News of Jacksonville reported that Peter Wann, of Alexandria, Va., says he was never told he had to have a fishing license, although he thought he had one. Wann also said the state law and the rules of the Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament are ambiguous.

He was a mate on the Citation, which was the initial winner of the June 14 tournament with its record-setting catch of an 883-pound marlin. Tournament officials later learned that Wann didn't have the required license and gave the prize to the runner-up.

One of the three owners of the Citation says Wann thought the boat had a blanket license that covers the entire crew.


Information from: The Daily News


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  • luvbailey Jun 24, 2010

    Here's the deal: there is BIG money at stake in these tournaments. Not only the prize money, but the entry fees are huge. There must be reasonable rules and they must be strictly enforced - zero tolerance for violations. Let's say one of the rules is a 7:00 am start time. Suppose someone puts their lines in at 6:55 am. That extra 5 minutes might - just might - be enough of an advantage to win a million dollars. So if you are going to enforce one rule (everybody has to have an individual license) then you have to enforce EVERY rule without exception. This is clearly the captain's fault for not checking everyone's license before leaving the dock.

  • luvbailey Jun 24, 2010

    For those "carping" about NC having a license requirement, this has only been around 3 or so years. The money collected is analagous to a "user fee" instead of a tax because the money is used in fisheries managment. If you knew anything about fishing you would know and understand this and not make such ignorant statements.

  • bluegrass Jun 24, 2010

    The Captain knew he needed one, at least he attested to the fact he knew when he submitted the entry. No sympathy here. Abide by the rules or suffer the consequences.

  • dahman Jun 24, 2010

    dogluvr............its sorta like the speed limit here in north carolina. if it aint posted on the highway you re on...........the LIMT IS 55 MILES PER HOUR.

    ignorance of the rule is NO excuse!!!!

  • wayneboyd Jun 24, 2010

    Well keep the picture because your grandkids aren't going to believe you when you brag about the one that got away.

  • mamabearprotectinghercub Jun 24, 2010

    That guy knew he had to have licenses. I thought they tell the rules before they go out & they tell them when they sign up. It cost to fish or hunt. And that guy sayss he was never told he had to have a fishing license, although he thought he had one. Something is funny with that story. That says he can't keep his story right.

  • stevenalowe Jun 24, 2010

    Ban the tounament, problem solved.

  • itsnotmeiswear Jun 24, 2010

    "Those fish were put there by our Maker, not by the State of NC, and we have NO right to tax the catching of them! Again, it's all about greed. I will take delight when the hammer comes down on all this worldly greed."

    You're not considering greed on the right side of the equation. If someone didn't regulate the catch, the fish would be decimated in a matter of years and a couple of industries crushed. Would you rather pay for the more unemployment or let the licenses at least supplement the regulation? Licenses are not expensive, and it needs some control. You can hunt and fish in the state to your heart's content for a little more than $50/year. Last time I went out it cost me $250+ in gas.

  • oleguy Jun 24, 2010

    Give me a break, thought and didnt know, Did not work on the boat, Thats the same as They said, Who is Thought, Didnt Know, or They.

  • ObamaMustGo aka NCcarguy Jun 24, 2010

    That's a mistake for the record books, that's for sure!