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'Under God' missing from secularist billboards

Posted June 22, 2010

— High above the Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte, a North Carolina group is making a claim on patriotism without piety.

The North Carolina Secular Association has paid for a series of billboards which will go up in the weeks before the Fourth of July.

The billboards, which cost $15,000, show an American flag and the words "One Nation, Indivisible." They omit the words "under God," which have been part of the Pledge of Allegiance since 1954.

Multiple media outlets report that besides Charlotte, the group has billboards going up in Wilmington, Asheville, Winston-Salem, Greensboro and Raleigh.

Group founder Joseph McDaniel Stewart says the goal is to show that nonbelievers can be just as patriotic as believers.


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  • United Atheist Front Jun 23, 2010

    @ritamccoy: This is not really a good venue for this type of discussion, but I would like to address how I have a huge amount of hope about life, as well as "Pascal's Wager" that you refer to. Peace, and have an outstanding day.

  • sixnitepkg Jun 23, 2010

    funny, and sad.... this story removed by WRAL...

  • soyousay Jun 23, 2010

    Contact Lamar Advertising Company... its their billboard.

    why so you can bully them into your dogma?

  • ritamccoy Jun 23, 2010

    Hey United Atheist Front....this is kind of off the subject, but how does a person that does not believe in a God, have any hope about life? I would rather believe in God and be wrong, than not believe in him and be wrong.

  • ritamccoy Jun 23, 2010

    Well said, Edgar

  • enigma1469 Jun 23, 2010

    Contact Lamar Advertising Company... its their billboard.

  • United Atheist Front Jun 23, 2010

    The billboards represent a point of view that does not include the belief in a supreme being. The premise being that we are all equal according to our constitution, which is a secular document.

    Those who would deny the rights of an individual based on their lack of a belief in a deity are unpatriotic, and are degrading the memories of all the soldiers who lost their lives protecting the freedom of all Americans, including Atheists.

    Most of thee problems that exist in this country can be traced back to religion in one form or another. It is divisive in nature, arrogant in principle and overall intolerant of any system of belief or non-belief that falls outside of it's doctrines. This is witnessed by those of you here who have promised to destroy or deface the billboards, which is a crime.

    The USA is a secular nation, founded by a secular constitution and based on secular laws. If you want to live in a theocracy, move to Pakistan.

  • TheDocJones Jun 23, 2010

    To all Christians that are whining: Jesus said to turn the other cheek not open your mouth & whine.

    To others that are either for or against the message: Your welcome, from a military veteran.

    To the “genius” that is threatening vandalism: May you rot in jail.

    To the trolls (like me): How you doing? :-)

    There are only 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that do not.

  • edgar709 Jun 23, 2010

    Since some folks are talking about what our money says, I'd like to point out that my money also says "E PLURIBUS UNUM"--"Out of many, one"--If you're not familiar, it's in the great seal of the United States and the Eagle is holding the words inscribed in a ribbon with her beak.--Pretty much sums it up. We may belief in God, Buddha, Allah, Alliens (the space kind, not the illegals- and let's not go there), Fire, Water, etc..It doesn't matter. After all, we are Americans and we are the best darn country in this globe!

  • ritamccoy Jun 23, 2010

    Our nation is religion, race, culture, political preferences. etc