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Attendance slow in NASCAR Hall of Fame's first month

Posted June 11, 2010

— The NASCAR Hall of Fame had 30,000 paid visitors in its first 21 days, making it hard to meet its first-year attendance goals.

The Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority had estimated 800,000 visitors in the first year. The $195 million facility opened May 11, which was followed quickly by its first induction class ceremony and two weeks of NASCAR racing activities at nearby Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Hall of Fame officials tried to put a positive spin on the attendance figures Friday, saying the feedback they've received on comment cards from May 11-31 have exceeded expectations.

But the hall had expected larger crowds in the first month because of the hype of the opening and the racing events in the city.


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  • Raptor06 Jun 11, 2010

    Apparently you folks don't participate if you think it doesn't take skill to put a ball in a hoop, run a football, or develop a feel for a car's suspension. Why do we criticize what we don't know or experience? I can't wait to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame, and I don't classify as a redneck, either. I was a Ford guy before they ran their 1960's era 427 NASCAR SOHC engine that whipped the pants off the hemis and Chevy engines. The hemi guys later had that engine restricted from NASCAR races. Maybe you have sour grapes about these athletes' earnings and resulting fame. I admire the skills and technologies of those sporting events. As a world traveller, all I can say is that these events are what make this Nation so great!

  • warrcorick Jun 11, 2010

    Bottom line?

    It is your elected officials who determine how and where your tax dollars are spent. And look at the revenue of the players
    on the hard wood floor. Ask your own kid if they would rather
    see Kobe do a 360degree dunk, or watch the cars go round and round. Better yet!, Pay attention to the attendance numbers,
    and the survey says! Talk is cheap. 195 MILLION $$$ for what?
    This flop is a recipe for bailout.

  • Pseudonym Jun 11, 2010


    Oh yeah, it takes a lot of skill for 10 guys with pituitary gland problems to run up and down a wooden floor trying to shoot an inflated rubber ball into a hole. Or a bunch of fat guys running around a big grassy field trying to get an inflated oblong object into a specific zone on the field. It takes absolutely no skill to figure out tire wear, fuel efficiency, and the feel of a suspension. Not to mention that so many of the developments that keep you safe in your car came from racing. As did turbo, superchargers, fuel injection, and many other "green" technologies. Brainless? I think not.

  • johnstonredneck Jun 11, 2010

    Like someone said, I too was waiting for the newness to die down before making the trip. As for the joker that referred to it as "Hall of Redneck Shame" and other negative remarks about NASCAR, the same could be said for basketball, football and/or baseball. Where do the players get to show their intelligence during those games? Looks to me that the only one with any intelligence there is the coach and that is questionable. I mean, who wears a suti to a sporting event?

  • rvwest Jun 11, 2010

    Yep, NASCAR isn't a sport like a high-quality event like basketball where a group of people run up and down a floor and attempt to throw a ball into a hole. Now that's some quality entertainment.

    Perhaps I'm part of that dumb general public because I sure don't see the connection between the hall of fame and who was elected to office.

  • warrcorick Jun 11, 2010

    195 Million!!!???

    The money has been passed out so they are good. What do they care if you come, or not? O-n-e H-u-n-d-r-e-d N-i-n-t-y f-i-v-e
    MILLION!!! But there's no $$$$$ to educate the general public people. The general public is generally dumb. This is the result of voting your beliefs, and not whose effective for office.

  • BigUNCFan Jun 11, 2010

    It is not an event, it is a destination and who cares? Most people have heard of the drivers and you can get all of the info you want for free on the internet. Plus factor in the fact that we are in a recession folks and it is really tough in finance based Charlotte.

    There are also a lot of free museums and stuff to do so why pay to see a bunch of exhibits when you can do stuff outside for free or go to other things inside like it for free?

    Additionally, only a certain crowd cares about neck car anyway.

  • csplantlover Jun 11, 2010

    I can't think of anywhere I'd rather NOT go than this Hall of Redneck is the most BORING and the biggest waste of money of any of the so-called "sports." It is round and round in circles and there is simply NOTHING strategic about it - there is no brain required to drive a vehicle around in circles for 5 hours and it's the biggest waste of money on earth, gas, tires, etc. That's one "sport" that should be banned from the planet. I love my basketball and football and sports that actually challenge the person, not a machine running around a circle wasting gas. Each to their own, so no stupid comments back at me.

  • mcs0520 Jun 11, 2010

    Hey Colliedave...I saw this article on another website. It is not the most well written article in the history of journalism, but it does contain the figures that you mention. Check it out here:

  • Dark_Horse Jun 11, 2010

    The timing is off. Nascar events have seen its attendance decline over the last couple years. This place should have been opened at least 10 years ago.