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House spending plan heads to full budget panel

Posted June 2, 2010

State budget

— The North Carolina House's largest committee on Wednesday considered a spending plan for state government that attempts to preserve more teaching jobs with lottery profits.

The House Appropriations Committee listened to details of an $18.9 billion budget for the year starting July 1. That's about $100 million less than the Senate budget approved two weeks ago.

The budget proposal was read before the full House Wednesday afternoon, setting up possible votes on Thursday and Friday.

The House plan uses about $90 million more in lottery money to keep teachers hired in primary grades. It also includes no new broad tax increases - just like the Senate.

The House budget provides mostly targeted small business tax breaks. The Senate plan reduces the income tax rate for those firms.

The proposal likely will include contingencies to cut another $500 million in spending if Congress doesn't add stimulus-related Medicaid funds back to a jobs bill the U.S. House passed last week. Lawmakers in North Carolina and other states had been counting on the stimulus money to plug holes in their budgets.


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  • havealife Jun 3, 2010

    cut out all the 'we can't do without you' compensation and pay people the agreed upon salary(which for some is too much) and NC will have a nice budget and may be in the black! it's worth a try.

  • StateMom Jun 2, 2010

    CUT everything by at least 10 percent - it will hurt but it needs to be done - we are going broke people - grab hold of the pen and start slashing!!!

  • Coastal89 Jun 2, 2010

    There they go using the lottery money to fill the gaps they do not want to fill. Is the law passed on the lottery allow them to use it to pay regular teacher salaries. I thought it only was used to pay for school construction, maintenance and provide scholarships. They are going to dig a steeper slope for the next year.

  • ORMA Jun 2, 2010

    It is funny to me that the state is hurting so badly for tax income yet continuously votes to lower taxes for some groups. At the same time, they make reduced agreements to companies and people that owe tremendous amounts in unpaid taxes. If a company owes $1 million in back taxes, the state will settle for a small fraction of that amount. Meanwhile the regular, everyday, law-abiding taxpayers in the state don't get a reduction in their taxes owed. What gives? Are law makers only interested in looking out for the law breakers?

  • HanginTough Jun 2, 2010

    QUIT FUNDING ILLEGALS with every FREEBIE IN THE BOOK! THAT WILL save millions. Get rid of the EOG which costs more to put together then probably the state deficit alone. I am so sick of those of us that work and pay taxes work harder for less while every possible increase in utilities and food etc...keeps going up. But neither the house or the senate cares because they have long since made their money off the working class and these increases affect the NONE. They all SICKEN ME!

  • Garnerwolf1 Jun 2, 2010

    What happened to the comments that were here this morning?