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Groups differ on new rules for ABC system

Posted May 5, 2010

— A legislative committee recommending changes to North Carolina's liquor control laws fell short of suggestions made by a separate panel appointed by Gov. Beverly Perdue.

The Joint Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control approved legislation Wednesday that it will present to the General Assembly when it reconvenes next week.

The committee wants the state ABC Commission to set performance standards and training requirements for local ABC boards and their stores. The local boards also would have to follow the same rules local governments do in carrying out their annual budget.

Perdue's government efficiency commission met earlier Wednesday and said it wanted local ABC board members to comply with the state government ethics law. The ABC Commission chairman welcomed the idea, which the legislative committee removed from its final bill.

North Carolina is the only state that runs a liquor control system that leaves locally appointed boards to operate retail stores. The system has led to some embarrassing situations recently, including high-priced meals for local ABC officials that were paid for by liquor companies and high salaries of a father and son who ran New Hanover County's liquor stores.

Perdue's efficiency commission also recommended changes to the state air fleet on Wednesday. Merging the aircraft operations of the Departments of Transportation and Commerce would improve the efficiency in how state-owned planes and maintenance facilities are used, as well as save money, the panel said.


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  • Tax Man May 5, 2010

    There should be one state ABC board and they should license private liquor sales throughout the state - grocery stores, package stores, liquor stores, mini marts. All should be competitive with only the fixed amount of tax on each bottle. Most states do this and have fewer problems than NC has with its corrupt ABC boards! Same should be for bars and restaurants - they should be able to buy their liquor from any legal source at whatever discounted prices they can obtain! Making them buy from a state operated ABC store is just crazy and leads to corruption and inefficiency. Let's have one board to regulate the industry and have private sales!

  • pbjbeach May 5, 2010

    Now she needs to freeze the motor fleet contracting process an quit allowing for the motor fleet to buy new state equipment every single year cars, trucks, vans an so forth should only be allowed to be purchased only every third year of use an to maintain the equipment that is puirchase an in use by state agencys in the states own equipment shops throughout the divisions across the state thus resulting in lower cost to the taxpayers for outsourcing of maintaince services on equipment through the contracting process with private indivsuals or coporate run firms thru contracting processes i feel sure that this idea would in an short time frame result in sifnifiance savins to the taxpayers of this state thank you