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Perdue speaks at jobs summit, listens to residents' stories

Posted April 14, 2010

— Gov. Bev Perdue spoke at a jobs and economy summit at a downtown Raleigh church Wednesday and listened as residents like John Stewart talked about being unemployed.

"Having a wife with a terminal disease, it's hard to come up with $1,200, $1,300 a month just to purchase a couple prescriptions to ease her pain," said Stewart, who lost his job as a mechanic at Freightliner more than a year ago.

The forum allowed people to discuss ways to lower the state's 11 percent unemployment rate and preserve jobs that are created.

Community groups urge Perdue to create jobs Community groups urge Perdue to create jobs

One speaker focused on the use of stimulus dollars.

"For example, weatherization," said Rev. Nelson N. Johnson. "Twenty-four thousand units authorized to be weatherized and, at the rate we're going now, we'll spend the funds. The jobs will not be there and the funds will have to go back."

Johnson, the founder and senior co-pastor at Faith Community Church, was among representatives of the Historic Thousands on Jones Street People's Assembly who organized the event.

Perdue said she appreciated the suggestions.

"You can always improve," she said. "Everything we do can be done better and more efficiently. You just gotta get a little experience under your belt. I think the recovery office and weatherization office now knows what they got to do."

Stewart said he has gone back to school to learn new skills.

"However, where do I work after school? What job do I go to," he asked.

The event organizers called on the governor to:

  • effectively implement remaining provisions of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, including using funds for summer youth employment programs
  • support federal policy choices that would extend the recovery act and add additional fund sources and breaks for low-income taxpayers
  • responsibly address the state budget shortfall, making the most of federal funds
  • maximize the impact of state economic development by setting wage standards and targeting the communities most in need
  • enact bold, untapped strategies to strengthen the private job market, including offering tax credits to allow workers to share jobs
  • adopt economic reforms that promote shared opportunity and prosperity

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  • josephlawrence43 Apr 15, 2010

    Two problems: A) How many jobs are currently being held by illegal aliens in NC? Remove the illegals, and how many jobs would open up for the citizens of NC? B) Talking about JOBS--not positions ( with big limo, 6 figure salary to start, private sect., etc.) jobs--means working and earning a living--not being dependent on the government.

  • ifcdirector Apr 14, 2010

    Is this a Saturday Night Live skit or what?

  • tatermommy52 Apr 14, 2010

    She is the Jimmy Carter on NC politics.

  • demo7691 Apr 14, 2010

    Yeah I saw the Whinning Rev Barber on the TV there Im sure he had a interesting input. What exactly is his job and what church does he preach at or does he just wear that outfit everyday

  • PeaceOut2017 Apr 14, 2010

    Not one job will result out of it. Gov't can't create private mkt jobs, only the private mkt can. All govt can do is hand out the welfare $

    If you want people to get a job, quit extending their unemployment benefits, why work if you're paid not to?

    My momma always said, "If you don't work you don't eat."

    She's a wise woman, my momma.

  • Ripcord Apr 14, 2010

    I think it's hilarious that Purdue or anyone else believes that a "weatherization" program is going to help solve the jobs crisis.

  • Caveman93 Apr 14, 2010

    It's like asking Manson to speak at a Family Crisis Clinic. Geez.

  • prn13norm Apr 14, 2010

    Yesterday I became one of Obama's victims as my professional job of the last four years was downsized out of existance. Excuse me if I don't get real enthused by the political retoric spewed by the Liberal Democrats. I am enthused however about voting their behinds out of office in November!

  • nighttrain2010 Apr 14, 2010

    >>300 state employees are going to be sent to the unemployment lines next month. Why is this not on the news?

    Because it's not enough of a good start?

    Bev wants to 'provide jobs' she needs to do what politicians are unable to do (for fear of not getting elected again). Step out of the way and let the market handle it. Lower taxes (God knows we pay enough in this state) and cut government spending (if this means putting a few tax funded 'employees' out of work so be it).

    Course if she did that we may realize how useless politicians really are. Then they would be the ones out of work..

  • RomneyRyan2012 Apr 14, 2010

    Wow that answer sure sounded intelligent. I feel so much better now...yeah, so much better.