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Senate GOP leader wants N.C. to sue on health care

Posted March 24, 2010

— The Republican leader in the North Carolina Senate wants state Attorney General Roy Cooper to sue to try to block the massive health care overhaul signed into law by President Obama.

Senate Minority Leader Phil Berger of Rockingham County wrote to Cooper on Wednesday, urging him to join 13 other attorneys general challenging the constitutionality of the law pushed by Democrats.

Berger told Cooper that protecting the constitution isn't a partisan issue and joining the case would show that state elected officials are doing everything they can to protect individual rights. Cooper is a Democrat.

Cooper spokeswoman Noelle Talley said earlier this week that state attorneys are reviewing information sent to them from other attorneys general, which is routine with all issues.

State Republican Party Chairman Tom Fetzer also called on Cooper to challenge the constitutionality of the reform legislation.

"The federal government has taken an unprecedented and unwarranted step into the lives of North Carolinians,” Fetzer said in a statement. “North Carolinians are overwhelmingly opposed to this usurpation of power, and it is incumbent upon state leaders, most notably the attorney general, to do everything in their power to protect our citizens’ right to make their own health care decisions."

Berger and House Minority Leader Paul Stam said in January that they would file bills to protect state residents from the federal mandate.


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  • josephlawrence43 Mar 25, 2010

    It would be a win-win situation for Cooper. If the lawsuit is filed, and he/they win--well, Cooper is a hero and assured of re-election. If he files the lawsuit, and it fails--he can still say "see, I did what I could to protect the people of North Carolina---I tried"--and get re-elected.

  • soyousay Mar 25, 2010

    Bobbie 3 sticks..I feel the gov't is in my life too much already.

    I so thought someone would feel that way. You see when you make the choice to not take minimal effort to protect cost me money....Get thrown from a car not wearing a seat belt-didn't they show you that video in Driver's ED?- your injuries are far more severe. Let say for entertainment purposes you actually have insurance. How much of the cost of peeling you off the highway do you think it pays for? Know what a head injury is? You could end up disabled- happens alot- again costing me money, my tax dollars pay diability, a chunk of what is left after the pathetic contractual amount insurance will pay,to pay for to keep hospital doors open. And then there's smoking, when your lungs and heart give out- who pays? not really. The taxpayers. Have any idea what the cost of chemotherapy is...thought not

  • bobbythreesticks Mar 25, 2010

    I feel the gov't is in my life too much already. I think the seatbelt laws are ridiculous, as well as the new smoking laws. If anyone over the age of 18 does not want to wear a seatbelt, why did the gov't get involved? What harm does it do to the other drivers on the road? How is it a problem to anyone other than the person making the decision to wear the belt or not? It is a way to get more $$ through the system of tickets. I like being able to go out to dinner or have a drink at a bar and not come home smelling of smoke, but for the gov't to create a law to make it illegal, they are too involved in our everyday lives. The owners of the restaurants and bars always have had a choice to have a non-smoking establishment, no need for law makers to step into our lives.

  • soyousay Mar 25, 2010

    A simple Yes or NO vote left up to the citizens of NC and not the Pirates of Jones Street or The Pirates of The Potomac.

    Then you can write the next codicil that says you must first pass the wallet biopsy before getting care....great plan. I bet you think there should be no helmet law for motorcycles too, or seat belt laws, or anything that would abridge smoking your brains out. I am all for it if you agree that not one penney of my taxes should go to care for any of those people enjoying their freedom to be stupid. Its darwinian, but effective

  • jet2rdu Mar 25, 2010

    Why are the Democrats in Raleigh afraid to have a public referendum on the next NC ballot with a simple question, “ Do you want your Federal Government to require you, to purchase a Health Insurance Plan that meets Government requirements of coverage?”

    A simple Yes or NO vote left up to the citizens of NC and not the Pirates of Jones Street or The Pirates of The Potomac.

  • Bob3425 Mar 25, 2010

    While I for one think this is a bad bill, this lawsuit is just as bad. I wish both parties could work for the people, not everyone going to be happy but what is going on now is getting nothing done. This country and state is in debt and the bills are going to come due, we can't keep doing business like this. This bill doesn't really matter, because as a nations or a state I don't think we'll be able to pay for it.

  • soyousay Mar 25, 2010

    The real problem is that my taxdollars are being squandered to pay for these pointless lawsuits that are about political positioning. I guess the rabid right has no problem with frivilous law suits when it comes to that. In addition, the America they are now promoting is one in which their right arm, the Tea party terrorists, can engage in intimidation (get over yourself, you know they are). Since when does voting as an elected rep get the your name (Oh right they really didn't mean to post te brother's name) posted and invite the crazies to hurt them. Their darling from Alaska is suggesting in what I am sure she finds amusing- to "reload" against those they don't like. If you want to throw invectives (big word look it up) about, you miss the point. So what does this do for the country -zip but it does make sound bites on Fox. It is the rise of the American version of the right-wing Taliban, religious fervor and all.
    Hey don't want insurance- don't use health care. Darwin will so

  • nufsaid Mar 24, 2010

    "If requiring the purchase of health insurance is not Constitutional or even socialist, then these numbskulls should focus their energy first on repealing NC's law requiring citizens to buy automobile insurance. I guess it's easier to point fingers than to look at your own house.

    All citizens are not required to purchase auto insurance. Only those that chose to have and operate a motor vehicle. Anyone can chose to avoid buying auto insurance. This bill will make force everyone to purchase a service or face penalties. A huge difference.

  • SalemWWX Mar 24, 2010

    "Seems like someone needs a civics lesson, majority rules."

    That person would be you....the US is NOT a democracy. It's not so simple as "majority rule". If it were, we wouldn't be having a discussion about a lawsuit becuse the bill wouldn't have passed.

  • tgiv Mar 24, 2010

    Insurance is by definition a shared risk pool. If the young and healthy are fortunate enough to live to become older and less healthy then they will get some of their investment back. If they get cancer I've been paying premiums for health insurance, car insurance, and home insurance for over 2 decades vastly in excess of the tiny claims I've received payment for in return. It's the nature of all insurance. If payers don't exceed claimants, then the insurance companies close their doors.