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Committee begins review of state liquor system

Posted March 9, 2010

— A legislative committee began its examination on Tuesday of whether changes should be made to how North Carolina sells liquor.

The Joint Study Committee on Alcoholic Beverage Control is charged with presenting recommendations to the full legislature when it reconvenes in May.

The 28-member panel heard Tuesday about a 2008 report suggesting the state ABC Commission needs more oversight over local stores.

Gov. Beverly Perdue and others also are interested whether it makes sense to privatize the current state-run system.

The committee, which was formed in the wake of scandals in both New Hanover and Mecklenburg counties, is also looking to establish ethical responsibility, accountability and salaries for local boards.

WRAL Investigates reported that the former New Hanover County ABC board administrator made $244,000 a year, and his son earned $135,000 as his assistant.

The Mecklenburg County ABC had to repay $9,000 to a liquor company that had picked up the tab for an expensive holiday dinner for board members, employees and their families.

The committee's next public hearing is March 24.


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  • discowhale Mar 10, 2010

    I have to say, I'm surprised that no one is screaming that privatization will mean children driving drunk in school zones on Sundays, a rise in teen pregnancy rates, increased alcoholism and a rampant drought. Or some other such foolishness like we heard when we had the liquor by the drink fiasco years ago.

    The state needs to get out of selling ANYTHING.

    There is no need for us to have some of the lowest liquor consumption in the country, combined with the highest tax revenues. But it's typical of NC law and the good ol' boy system.

    Do away with it. ASAP.

  • OzzzMan Mar 9, 2010

    Bring on the privatization! I want some Black Sambuca! Some stores carry it, but it's in the back for restaurants.

  • thefensk Mar 9, 2010

    Agree ... this system is antiquated and it is high time they change to privatization.

  • Nikka Mar 9, 2010

    Once we get the SOuthern Baptists out of politics, we can finally abolish the ABC system as the only reason for their existence.

  • drh3102 Mar 9, 2010

    Time for the State of North Carolina to come of age and get with the program. The dark ages are gone and time for a new light to shine. Make it private. Do we need to mail you guys 100,000 or more milk jugs?

  • Eduardo1 Mar 9, 2010 are right on the case.
    It is a WIN-WIN situation if it goes private. The State reaps the tax dollars, license fees etc. The state pays out nothing at all.
    They sell the property to the store-owner, the store owner pays property tax to the town & county. Wages, benefits etc are paid by the store-owner this rates a big DUH!!! Lets go private. Also the store owner can order any brand of legal alcohol, which is not being done with the ABC stores. As an example, Under the present system, I can buy white Sambuca here in State, but not Black sambuca. LETS GO PRIVATE GOV. PERDUE & LEGISLATURE

  • Card Player Mar 9, 2010

    They could eliminate overhead and outrageous salaries by allowing businesses to sell it. Why is the state dealing in the biggest, most abused vice?

  • smalldogsrule Mar 9, 2010

    The state should have never been in the business to begin with. Private distribution and private retailing would generate plenty of tax revenue. the state just wanted in on the profits, but they are being sucked dry by overpaid managers. Name one retailer that pays a store manager a six figure salary.

  • readyforchngin2012 Mar 9, 2010

    Privatize and TAX - it really is that simple, the market will take of itself and crony-ism will be put at an end.