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Perdue worried about lack of small business loans

Posted February 22, 2010

— Gov. Beverly Perdue said Monday that she wants the federal government to ease tight credit markets making it hard for small banks to lend money to growing businesses.

Perdue said she planned to meet with the head of the Small Business Administration before her trip to Washington for the National Governors Association ends. Perdue has been in the nation's capital since Saturday.

She told reporters in a phone call that community banks in the state tell her they're over-regulated by Washington and hesitant to lend. The governor would like the Obama administration to create a small loan pool.

Perdue also said she told Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood her disappointment about only receiving $10 million in federal stimulus grants to replace the aging Yadkin River bridge along Interstate 85.

Some East Coast states are thinking about forming an energy coalition to study exploring and possibly developing wind, natural gas and oil resources in the Atlantic Ocean, she said.


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  • davidbh61255 Feb 23, 2010

    I wish my loans were considered toxic so the Feds would Buy them off my balance sheet,I'd look real good next quarter also!!!

  • HanginTough Feb 23, 2010

    Small businesses are taxed to death...then we raise minimum wage and then they have to cut people. The the government is talking making small businesses cover all their employess with more people get laid off...they only SAY they want more small businesses...

  • james27613 Feb 22, 2010

    I hope Gov Bev is following the same travel rules that other state employees have to adhere to.

  • gtstallings45 Feb 22, 2010

    Bev goes from zero to outraged in ninety seconds. Her blood pressure must be through the roof as 'outraged' appears to be her only descriptive word. It is indeed hard to believe her when everything is a crisis. I think she needs to back down on this political pandering to businesses and worry about the state budget shortfall that is growing daily.

  • whatusay Feb 22, 2010

    Small businesses need to sell their products so they can make a profit and hire more workers. All the loans in the world will not help if there products are not being bought. Capitalism works if government will get out of the way.

  • rand321 Feb 22, 2010

    businesses who are viable are worried about going deeper in debt, unlike the Feds, because they do not know if they can recoup the costs down the road and pay the loan back.

    with all the new proposed regualtions from the WH and Congress, who knows what the cost of doing business will be in the future.

    Bevs needs to tell her fellow democrats to not try to help business any more and avoid all the new government take over, management stuff. My god, the FDA says Carbon Dioxide is a gas hazardous to human health. everytime a living animal exhales or breaks wind, they are creating a human health hazard?

    Talk about overreach.

  • superman Feb 22, 2010

    Making loans that cant people coulnt pay back and extending credit to people who cant pay is what got us in all this bail out. Don't make no sense to loan money to someone who cant pay it back. That becomes a gift and I am tired of giving away money. Most small businesses fail anyway. Even large companies are cutting back or going down the drain.

  • timothycapwell Feb 22, 2010

    Unless our dear guvnah is "outraged", I can't believe a word she says. Get OUTRAGED, "Bev". Purse your lips, squint a little bit, and then force that fake accent out, honey! You can do it!

  • veyor Feb 22, 2010

    The lack of loans period is the entire culprit.

  • time4real Feb 22, 2010

    pleaseeeeeeeeeee someone tell this woman, we don't need any loans, we needs some bailouts/handouts. what in the world is she worried about, small business doesn't need loans. small business needs debt forgiveness!