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New Hanover liquor chief's pension almost $100K

Posted January 19, 2010

— A local liquor board chief at the core of a controversy over extravagant spending in North Carolina's alcoholic beverage system says he will collect nearly $100,000 annually in retirement.

The StarNews of Wilmington reported Tuesday that New Hanover County Alcoholic Beverage Control administrator Billy Williams said he's gotten state notification he'll receive about $8,300 a month.

Williams said last week he would retire at the end of next month as he reaches 42 years of working for the local liquor board. He has been administrator since 1987.

All three members of the local ABC board resigned after WRAL Investigates reported that Williams had an annual salary of $232,200, and his son, Bradley, was paid $115,500 a year as assistant ABC administrator. Both men also collected hefty annual bonuses.

Billy Williams was the highest-paid ABC administrator in the state, despite the fact that areas like Mecklenburg County sold far more liquor, according to WRAL Investigates.

ABC liquor stores across the state have a wide range of employee salaries and policies. Fewer than half of the 163 local boards said they have salary policies, and a little more than half have an ethics policy in place.

Top 15 ABC board salaries

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Information from: The StarNews


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  • CB123 Jan 19, 2010

    If you look at the percent of top salary to total sales... it's pretty telling that all of the boards pay a heck of a lot. The two boards which make the most, pay the least percentage-wise. None of this data tells us how much the entire board pays to its employees though... that would be very interesting.

    1. Gastonia (1.11%) 2. Concord (.89%) 3. New Hanover(.80%)
    4. Carteret (.76%) 5. Asheville (.74%) 6. Dare (.68%)
    7. Onslow (.63%) 8.Catawba (.62%) 9. Orange (.62%)
    10. Durham (.49%) 11. Cumberland (.42%) 12. Greensboro (.36%) 13. Triad Municipal (.31%) 14. Wake (.19%) 15. Mecklenburg(.16%)

  • fatcat11 Jan 19, 2010

    Looks to me that the guy in Asheville has got the best deal...

  • wat63 Jan 19, 2010

    "Not your Tax money, they make a profit selling booze, therefore need to be compensated accordingly. Stop you dam complaining its your own faults and choices. Dont hate the game, hate yourself." berenj


    (Might be one of my all-time favorite postings! Thanks berenj!)

  • dogluvr26 Jan 19, 2010

    While I think these are extreme salaries at first glance, if you look at each county's total as if it were a private business's annual revenue and these are the CEOs being paid, it doesn't look so severe based upon what's typically paid for salaries in the private sector. That's not to say it's right (or remotely ethical how it's worked out in this case), but it definitely isn't abnormal in comparison.

  • North Carolina Home Jan 19, 2010

    An intelligent and informed voter is necessary to the creation and preservation of a free republic. We may not like what we see in our leaders but they did not get there without our permission. We have seen the enemy and it is us.

  • Caveman93 Jan 19, 2010

    Well gee, given your rational, then we should get rid of all private business and just turn them over the the local ABC board. That way we could completely eliminate all state and county and city taxes.

    +1 Well said!

  • Stringbean Jan 19, 2010

    What a joke!!!!!... dirty dirty.

  • weasel2 Jan 19, 2010

    Wish my pension was that much, I've spent my time on the streets arresting drunks, druggies and going to domestic violence calls. I'll be lucky to see $1000.00 after taxes.

  • oyid Jan 19, 2010

    He should keep the money since it is less than 1% of sales

  • didisaythat Jan 19, 2010


    I am not trying to get into your buisness, but how much do you get paid? You say you don't get benefits, but do you get paid a large salary and then pay for the insurance and are able to put money in an IRA? I am a local gov't employee. The benefits I get are used to show why my little salary is actually OK. I only get paid this but with my insurance (which I pay a premium) and pension, (which I contribute to) it is comparable to a higher salary. Now, you may make 50,000 a year more than me. I will say even though I have my insurance and retirement, you are far better off. If you are making 2,000 more than me...then you need to ask for a raise. With the little pay state/ local gov't need to give benefits to get some decient applicants.