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State agencies asked to plan for more budget cuts

Posted January 12, 2010

State budget

— State Budget Director Charlie Perusse has called on state agencies to prepare budgets for the fiscal year that starts in July that anticipate cuts of 3 to 7 percent.

Perusse said in his memo that some departments could argue for as much as a 3 percent increase in funding, depending on their requests and funding sources.

Gov. Beverly Perdue Perdue pushes for permanent budget cuts

Gov. Beverly Perdue said Tuesday that her budget office has been working for months to collect information on expenses that appear every year in state government spending plans. Previously, she said, her budget-writers didn't have enough information to determine what the specific lines in the budget paid for and whether they were useful or wasteful.

Perdue and her budget staff plan to work during this holiday weekend reviewing the details to find possible cuts, but she noted that she's frustrated that departments aren't offering up permanent reductions.

"I'm going to look as hard as I can for things that are either duplicative, things that have outlived their purpose and things that were simply somebody's pet project that really don't have a purpose and get rid of them," she said.

The governor said the scrutiny will provide more options to free up money after deep spending cuts last summer.

Perdue will present a budget proposal to lawmakers when they reconvene in May.


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  • BeeGee Jan 13, 2010

    I have an idea, how about we cut all the useless programs in corrections, that are proven not to work, such as Drug Court, TASC, Life Structure, and countless others, that provide free transportation, school, treatment, etc. for offenders. I had to pay for my education, and my kids by working two jobs and doing without. Now I watch my state salary stay the same year after year, while millions are thrown away because some idealist, judge, or psychologist, decides we need to do more for offenders. Yes, I am a probation officer, and I am fed up. If I had it to do all over again I would have chosen a different career, but I am too old to start over. There is a reason almost every county in the state always has several vacant positions. If these programs work, why is it that for the last 15 years I have seen the same offenders come through the system, over, and over. Most of them had the benefit of all the costly programs our agency has to offer? WAKE UP! There is no silver bullet.

  • jnjn965 Jan 13, 2010

    I'm one of those State Empoyees that has to work 2 jobs to make ends meet & I still could lose my home because I don't make the high salary that some do! My second job buys my gas and a little bit of food. Depending on where you are on the pay scale depends on how well off you are as a State Employee! We are BROKE!!! Fixing to lose even more because of our so called Government!

  • Bendal1 Jan 13, 2010

    Every state worker I work with knows we're going to get screwed again this year; the budget last year was for two years and no way are we getting anything even smelling like a raise until 2012 (election year). It won't surprise me if Purdue starts wailing about how revenue is still down so even more cuts have to come out of the state budget, and she starts with our salaries and benefits yet again.

    Woo Hoo! Who wants some more unpaid leave!

  • jonmac Jan 13, 2010

    10-4, just wanted to point out that not all gamelands are owned by the state. I, too, don't exactly like that the land comes off the tax records but the counties do get some benefit from the gamelands through sales taxes paid by hunters, fishermen and fisherwomen, and other outdoor enthusiasts. And that land is also saved from future development. The NCWRC also receives a lot of the funds to pay for the land through grants and trusts. I don't think that much state budget money is used to purchase the land, I could be wrong though. I'll not argue with your point of the sellers of the land that benefit and the political goings on with any of that. I'm just a fan of the gamelands program. Thanks for the info.

  • sdrawkcab Jan 13, 2010

    jonmac, Bladen county tax records has it being owned by stse of NC. I know of the guys that bought the tract from the timber company and they were telling that the state was buying it.

  • jonmac Jan 13, 2010

    the article you provided the link for stated that the land was purchased by a private company, not the state. Not all land in the gameland program is owned by the state. Some is owned by private entities or land trusts and is placed in the gamelands program to be managed by the NCWRC and open to the public. I'm not sure if taxes are paid on this privately held land or not. Your point is valid but I just wanted to let folks know that the state is not purchasing all of the land that is in the gamelands program. The gamelands program is really a great program. Think about it, would you rather see large tracts of land managed for wildlife and forests or large tracts of land be divided and more McMansions and strip malls be built?

  • sdrawkcab Jan 13, 2010

    Correction....Purchace price on the tract early last year (2009) was a little over 4 million.

    Here is a link to the story.

  • sdrawkcab Jan 13, 2010

    My first post: I agree with the China trip. I was thinking when they announced it if we are in such bad shape why does Bev. need to spend that money ona trip.

    Also, I read a story on a local web page about the state getting ready to purchase more Gamelands in Bladen county. Last year (early 2009) they purchased approx.1300 acres for a little over 3 million. Now they are going to purchase another 1300 acre tract this year or early 2011, plus an additional 425 acre tract in 2 years. Oh.....guess what family owns the 425 acre tract. They have were in the news late year about airplane rides ?????? Just wonder what they will make on this deal. These land purchase's need to stop. Bladen already has over 40,000 acres of state land that the county is not collecting taxes on.

  • time4real Jan 12, 2010

    get ready teachers, the NCAE won't save you with this next round of chops coming your way.

  • Mean Old Mom Jan 12, 2010

    Misery loves company. Many in the private sector have been furloughed, taken pay cuts/did not get raises and have had taxes and insurance premiums rise drastically too. These are tough times for everyone.