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Embattled Soles won't run again

Posted December 30, 2009

— North Carolina's longest-serving state senator said Wednesday that he won't seek re-election next year as he faces potential criminal charges over a shooting at his Tabor City home in August.

Sen. R.C. Soles, D-Columbus, said in a statement he plans to retire at the end of his term in 2010 and wouldn't seek a 22nd consecutive term. He was first elected to the General Assembly in 1968.

"I plan to serve out the remainder of my term with the vigor and diligence my constituents deserve, and I will continue to practice law. Public service is a noble calling, and I have tried to live up to the ideals of a true leader," he said in the statement.

State prosecutors announced this month that they plan to seek an assault charge against Soles after a grand jury found probable cause he acted criminally when he shot a former law client.

Soles made no reference to the case in his statement.

Soles is the latest powerful Democrat leaving the Senate.

Outgoing Majority Leader Tony Rand is to resign Thursday to head the parole commission. Finance Committee co-chairman David Hoyle also won't seek re-election.


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  • North Carolina Home Dec 31, 2009

    Good luck on term limits...wish it could happen but the Democrats OWN state government, always have and always will short of a revolution. It is a vicious cycle of elected officials and highly paid state employees doing the quid pro quo dance. Gotta pay to play. OK with the Dems if they offer up a few sacrificial lambs like Black, Easley, Phipps, Ballance etc. There are hundreds, no thousands, more waiting to do their bidding. Check out this website by department and sort by salary. Very revealing.

  • alx Dec 31, 2009

    The thugs he took out?? one was driving a corvette & living in a house bought by Soles. The kid was 17. now why would a state senator buy a 17 year old a car & a house??????

  • BraveHeart Dec 31, 2009

    His last act....taking thugs out...good job soles

  • VT1994Hokie Dec 30, 2009

    I met Sen. Soles when I was school administrator about 6 years ago. I thought he was OK. But, after all of the allocations that have been pouring in since the summer, I have a totally different view of him. Glad that he is leaving.

    Take all of rest of the Liberals in our State, Country, and I hope that Bev will be gone after her term, and especially Obama. People like this have ruined our State and Country. The USA has slipped. Our state has slipped since Easley.

  • alx Dec 30, 2009

    Jim Black, Thomas Wright, Meg Scott Phipps, Frank Ballance, John Edwards, Mike Easley, RC Sole Ok whats the common denominator?? ohh yeah they're all democrats. Do Republicans have scandal.. in this state name 7 in the last 5 years.

  • hank5049 Dec 30, 2009

    “We can only save this great country by limiting politicians to two terms -- one term in office . . . one term in prison.”
    "I think it's about time we voted for senators with breasts. After all, we've been voting for boobs long enough."

  • dwntwnboy Dec 30, 2009

    "3 open seats we the people can grab back from the corrupt democrats"...oh of course, because there are NEVER any corrupt republicans...RIGHT!!! LOL

  • westral Dec 30, 2009

    He was in too long but he should have never been run off by the thugs that he only has tried to help for many years. Stop complaining about term limits and admit it is a shame a good person who was not out for himself and was trying to help his constituients is being sent home.

  • podtalk Dec 30, 2009

    Shoot-em up Soles!

  • timothycapwell Dec 30, 2009

    Good. 3 open seats we the people can grab back from the corrupt democrats.