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New ethics rules approved for state boards, commissions

Posted December 9, 2009

— Gov. Beverly Perdue signed three executive orders Wednesday to establish tougher ethical standards on state boards and commissions.

Perdue said the new restrictions will ensure appointees serve citizens and not leave the impression they are serving their own interests. The executive orders also expand the number of panels and officials who are subject to state ethics laws or ethics rules in her administration, she said.

"Whether it's a prison guard or a mental health worker or a member of one of the boards, if they're going to (break rules) and be part of North Carolina's enterprise, we're going to hold them accountable," Perdue said. "We're going to call them out, and we're going to get rid of them."

The orders permit the governor to remove an appointee if he or she is indicted on a felony or refuses to cooperate with a federal or state investigation. They also require gubernatorial appointees to attend at least 75 percent of a board's meetings each year or face getting fired.

Perdue also agreed to new conflict-of-interest disclosure requirements for 17 advisory panels.

She defended one of her own Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission appointees who technically could be ousted under the new rules. Surf City Mayor Zander Guy was convicted of insurance fraud in the 1980s, but the governor said Guy has been pardoned and deserves a second chance.

Open government advocates applaud the new ethics guidelines, but added that they will push for even broader reforms next year.


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  • 6079 SMITH W Dec 9, 2009

    "We will ignore the new ethics rules just as we did the old ones...until we get caught again, then we will write some new ones"..........repeat and rinse as needed.

  • chfdcpt Dec 9, 2009

    We the voters put them in office, now we are getting what we deserve. Sadly, we will not remember any of this come 2012.

  • pbjbeach Dec 9, 2009

    In my personal opinion there should be a law that requires that there be an in depth investigation in to any state contracting that is done with out the proper bidding process having been gone through such as any (no-bid contracts) to see exactly who the state is actually doing business with an to determine the actual owners , president or c.e.o.'s of any no-bid contracting process .as a matter of fact there realy isnt anytime in my own personal opinion that the state should be allowed to have any no-bid contracts for anything within any state agency. if some item is in need of being purchased for some state agency it should be done through a actual contracting process or by the way of a pruchase order number that can easely be tracked by the purchasing officer within that state agency period thank you

  • working for deadbeats Dec 9, 2009

    So all of a sudden they are going to play by the new rules?

  • jrfergerson Dec 9, 2009

    So many would rather cover for Mickie instead of looking after their responsibility to their families. They now have lost their respect of the citizens of NC which will have an effect on their future income to provide for thier family and that is a shame.

  • TheAdmiral Dec 9, 2009

    "How about just abolish the state boards, commissions and save a few billion?"

    Most of these commissions are self funded with no impact on the state budget at all.

    The boards are a different story.

  • moth Dec 9, 2009

    How about just abolish the state boards, commissions and save a few billion?

  • Even Dec 9, 2009

    The existing rules are great but some just chose not to follow them because they are more important than the rest of us. There are already rules in place regarding conflict of interest and yet it didn't seem to matter to Tony Rand or the Governor, who conveniently can't remember why she bought stock in a company for $1000 that is now worth $10,000 and yet the company has only 30 employees and does "no bid" contracts with the state.

  • EyesintheSkies Dec 9, 2009

    Another Joke of the Month proposition.

  • tatermommy52 Dec 9, 2009

    Rules set by Democrats, get the grand jury ready.