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Perdue: Jobless to rise though economy better

Posted November 16, 2009


— Gov. Beverly Perdue says the state's financial picture is improving but that unemployment might keep rising in the short term.

Perdue told members of the North Carolina School Boards Association on Monday that things are better than when she took office in January. But she said unemployment might reach 11.5 percent before job prospects improve.

North Carolina's unemployment rate has been hovering around 11 percent since February.

Perdue also announced the development of a new Web site that lets users learn more about higher education courses they can take online.

The governor also was scheduled to visit the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem.


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  • james27613 Nov 17, 2009

    Wow, GOB Bev is so smart. I would never have thought to say what she said.

  • Adelinthe Nov 17, 2009

    mep - "...guess now it will be used to extend unemployment benefits."

    That was done by special funding from the federal government, not by stimulus funds.

    God bless.


  • Adelinthe Nov 17, 2009

    "But she said unemployment might reach 11.5 percent before job prospects improve."

    Then do something to create new jobs like you were suppose to do with the stimulus money, instead of using it for roadwork for people who already had jobs.

    Remove all hiring freezes in state government offices and encourage all counties and cities in your state to do the same.

    That's what you should have used the stimulus money for because it would have CREATED NEW JOBS.


    God bless.


  • Nov 17, 2009

    These jobs would come in precincts that do not exist and based on fabricated numbers that are part of the spin to make us think this is improving. Bev says its improving because she seems to be able to find enough help through the work release program to fill her most sacred jobs.

  • ech Nov 17, 2009

    it's better than it was when she took office. and how is that? she is carrying on the same policies as Easley. She is clueless. She needs to keep her mouth shut and run from cameras and interviews. I bet the other states that see her interviews think we in North Carolina are a bunch of dumb backwoods cotton pickers.

  • time4real Nov 17, 2009

    O votes for this story, it's been up for 2 days and no one cares about your attempt to spin Bev into a better light wral!

  • streetfightinman Nov 17, 2009

    Tell us more nonsense and lies , oh so many jobs created by crooked politicans and our community leader.

  • time4real Nov 17, 2009

    she's clueless!

  • jgilchr Nov 16, 2009

    I am generally on the left side of things (not sure that is allowed on GOLO) but I too think this is ridiculous. I have to say the way things have been handled by all sides in the past couple of years is inexcusable. I seriously think the days of the US as a superpower are limited.

  • rand321 Nov 16, 2009

    There better? What kind of glasses does she have on?