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Perdue positive on N.C.'s economic recovery

Posted October 13, 2009

— There's a glimmer of recovery in North Carolina's economy – according to the governor.

Speaking to the Global TransPark Authority Board on Tuesday, Gov. Bev Perdue highlighted the importance of projects like the highly criticized state-owned industrial park, created in 1991 to help spark the economy in the eastern part of the state.

Perdue sees glimmer of economic recovery Perdue sees glimmer of economic recovery

Since then, the Global TransPark has received more than $80 million in state and federal funds.

Spirit Aerosystems, which makes aircraft for Boeing and other aerospace companies, broke ground last year on a new production facility and expects to hire more than 1,000 employees within the next three years.

It says it has already secured enough aircraft contracts to hire hundreds of workers, and it plans to start production by late 2010.

"I think with Spirit and the other smaller companies coming, we are really on our road to success," Perdue said.

The state suffered a setback last week after Dell Inc. announced that it is closing its Winston-Salem desktop-computer manufacturing plant and laying off more than 900 employees.

The Texas-based company was promised more than $300 million in state and local incentives to open the plant in 2005. In exchange, it was required to invest $100 million, create 1,700 jobs by September 2010 and maintain those jobs for 10 more years.

If those terms weren't met, the company would forfeit the incentive package.

"They are going to return their incentives. I feel good about that," Perdue said.

State leaders are also seeing highways as a road to economic recovery. Millions of federal stimulus dollars have rolled into the state this year for transportation projects.

"We're appreciative of getting those funds, and we think we've done a good job of putting them to work quickly," Department of Transportation Secretary Gene Conti said.

Conti said those funds mean better roads and more jobs.

"We have thousands of people working on projects all over North Carolina," he said.


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  • ginaosbo Oct 14, 2009

    "Perdue positive on N.C.'s economic recovery" I am positive as well! I am positive that she has no clue as to what to do or how to do it! *shaking my head* We are tattooed!!

  • time4real Oct 14, 2009

    this woman has nothing to offer. she's all fluff and zero depth. way to vote her in NC! you should all be ashamed!

  • whatelseisnew Oct 13, 2009

    "more than $80 million in state and federal funds" - debt your 2 year old will get to pay back.
    The highway funds is debt your 2 year olds children will get to pay back.

  • jtPER Oct 13, 2009

    Coming next: Bev Perdue issues another executive order that everything in North Carolina is just peachy y'all!

  • lkanzig Oct 13, 2009

    good god this sorry excuse is just wasting money left and right! what is she doing, trying to recruit people to come here and work? sounds like one of her hairbrained ideas! COME ON BEV GET A CLUE! WE ALL HOPE THAT YOU LOSE YOUR RETURN FLIGHT TICKET SO THAT WE CAN GET A REAL GOVENOR IN PLACE!

  • james27613 Oct 13, 2009

    Rent it to the Navy so they can use it for carrier takeoff/landing practice instead of building a new strip
    on the Coast.

  • james27613 Oct 13, 2009

    Gov Bev should tell the board 'You're Fired !'

  • pbjbeach Oct 13, 2009

    I was down on the coast last weekend an beleive it or not i actually saw a saturn v takeoff from it's launch pad i am guessing that it was headed back up to the usa space station to releive the last set of astronauts that they left up there on their last trip. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha rotf north carolina an the us space program go together like oil & water. perhaps in some future date it will actually take place but idont see it myself anytime in the near future. or at least at until the pol's in this state stop thinking about filing their own pockets at taxpayers an start to allocating fund to where they are actually supposely to be used to benefit the masses. thank you

  • WRALblows Oct 13, 2009

    Close this thing. It's an embarrassment.

  • timothycapwell Oct 13, 2009

    Maybe Perdue, Easley, Hagan, and all the other demcorats who wasted our tax money can help move the shell of the Dell building from Wintson-Salem to this park. We can call it "art"!!